The Most Expensive Cars To Repair

Looking after your car is going to take a lot of time, effort, and money. It’s something you need to keep up with year after year, especially the older your vehicle gets, and there’s a lot more checks and tests to keep your car drivable and yourself cockpit ready than you think!

Owning and operating a car is always going to be pricey, there’s no doubt about that. But when the time comes to get your car fixed up, either after a random breakage or as the result of an accident, some models are going to be far more expensive to repair than others. So below we’ve compiled a quick list of such vehicles.

Ferrari 70th Anniversary Birmingham 00022

The Ferrari is an obvious suspect here… 

A Porsche

The Porsche models from 2017 cost an incredibly amount of money, with the most expensive weighing in at $200,000. That’s a price you’d probably be too afraid to take out onto the roads, and for good reason – the engines are a lot more complex to work with, and might stump your mechanic for a bit before they can solve the problem, and that’s a very high service charge coming your way as a result. You can be looking at repair deal of about $2000, even when the car is 10 years old or so.


BMWs have always had a status of being high end, high class, and high price vehicles, and you won’t be seeing too many out there on the road. There’s a good reason for this, seeing as even the smaller hatchback versions cost about $20,000 outright. And the price only goes up from there – it’s about $1500 per year to keep a car like this on the road, and that’s without repairs factored in.

BMW M3 CS 28

But if you know where to shop for your spare parts, you’re going to be able to save a lot of money – your local mechanic will often sell the necessary parts at full and even an inflated price, and you shouldn’t deal with that. Even just looking up bmw spares on Google are going to show you a few solutions, and a lot of advice over finding a new pump or headlight at a discounted cost.

A Mercedes-Benz

Especially if you’ve got an SUV car from this particular brand, but overall, there’s an extremely high brand cost for every vehicle in this line. It’s a statement piece, and has all of the luxury technology systems inside it to make sure you’re going further for longer.

But when a car like this breaks down, and that’s not impossible, you’re looking at a bill of over $1000. Once again, it’s going to cost about $1500 and upwards for you to keep a vehicle like this operating, and even just an oil change means much more than the usual $25 or so.

The most expensive cars to repair are often not worth the money, unless you have a plan in place that’ll keep your status vehicle on the road!

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