The Pros And Cons Of Road Bikes

Most people would prefer to drive a car or motorbike to work every day. While there are many people who love riding bicycles, they are better for exercise. After all, you don’t want to get to work sweating and tired.

However, road bikes have their advantages and there are cyclists who use them as their primary mode of transportation. If you ride one daily, make sure to get road bike insurance coverage, as you are at risk of being involved in an accident. Insurance will also cover your bike if it is stolen.

Considering riding a road bike to get around? Here are the pros and cons.

Pro: Get In Shape

Everyone plans to get in shape eventually, but it can be tough to find the time or motivation. When you ride a road bike, you have both. The time you spend getting around is also the time you spend exercising. If you want to go somewhere, you are going to get a workout.

This is not to say your trips should leave you panting for air. On the contrary, riding a bike will get you to a fitness level at which it becomes natural and easy. You’ll have the benefit of feeling great and looking your best.

Con: Sweat

There are some people who can get off their bikes and look perfectly fresh five minutes later. Not everyone has that luxury. If you’re like me, it can take an hour to stop sweating after a bike ride – even one that was not difficult at all. Trying to get your work day started while worrying about the sweat dripping down your face is far from ideal. It is a compelling reason for some people to abandon the idea of biking around altogether.

Pro: Help The Environment

You can get eco-friendly cars nowadays. Even the most diesel-heavy vehicles use less fuel than in the past. However, nothing is as eco-friendly as riding a bike. You are emitting no fumes into the air (except your own).

To be eco-friendly, you can use a combination of biking and driving when necessary. Ultimately, driving is sometimes a basic necessity.

Con: Miss The Drive

A huge downside of biking is missing the experience of driving a car. I absolutely love driving, whether I’m taking long road trips or going to the grocery store. I blast the music and sing along, enjoying the smooth ride. It’s not something I’m willing to give up easily (like many other drivers) and taking my road bike always requires a sacrifice.

Pro: Avoid Traffic

As much as I love driving, traffic is an experience I could do without. Traffic is frustrating even when there is no rush. It can ruin the drive, especially if other drivers are making terrible decisions (as is always the case).

When biking, you can avoid a lot of the most frustrating traffic. You can ride past bumper-to-bumper traffic, enjoying knowing exactly what you got to skip.

Con: Risking Traffic

On the other hand, when you are riding a road bike, you are at risk. Not all areas have the best bike lanes. Drivers often do not take the well being of bikers seriously and therefore are not careful. You are vulnerable on a bike on the road. If you experience anxiety in general, road biking may not be something you will ever enjoy. If you do get hit by a car (or driven off the road) you may be seriously injured or even lucky to be alive.

Pro: Connect To Nature

In our modern world, we spend most of our time inside. When we’re driving, we’re so close to fresh air and yet so far. On a bike, you get to connect with nature every day. It can be rejuvenating and remind you what you love about life.

Con: Weather

This also means that you are subject to the whims of the climate. Rain can ruin your day. A heatwave can ruin your week. You need to start making decisions based on inaccurate weather forecasts.

There are many pros and cons to riding a road bike to get around. If you’re a person who loves cars, the pros are unlikely to outweigh the cons.

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