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The Smoggy Truth: 4 Environmental Reasons to Ditch Your Junk Car in LA

Residents of the City of Angels are well aware of the city’s issues with air pollution. With a car ownership rate of almost 88% among 1.4 million city dwellers, that’s a lot of vehicles. Although California has the strictest car emission regulations in the country, smog is still a Los Angeles problem. Older junk cars can add to the air quality issues, and many eco-friendly Californians are looking for ways to dispose of them.

If you’re one of the many earth-friendly owners of an environmentally unsound vehicle, you can sell your junk car in Los Angeles to a specialized dealer. You can do your part to remove a smog-enhancing vehicle from LA’s roads and get paid for doing so.

Eco-Friendly Reasons To Sell Your Junk Car

Many owners of unwanted or difficult-to-sell vehicles are thinking more about the big picture when it comes time to dispose of their junk cars. Other than regaining some valuable property space and extra money in your bank account, lots of junk car owners are also looking to do their part to help improve the planet we all inhabit. Here are four fantastic reasons why you should sell your junk car in Los Angeles.

Eliminate Hazardous Fluids From Contaminating the Ground

Junk cars rotting away on your property are not only an eyesore that is taking up space it could also be harming the environment. It’s highly doubtful that the owners of these wrecks have drained their fluids and removed any potentially dangerous materials.

As junk cars waste away while being exposed to the elements, they have the potential to leak hazardous fluids. Hoses and gaskets can quickly become dry, hard, and brittle, which can cause them to leak gasoline, motor oil, transmission, and other fluids that are not only harmful to people and pets but also to the environment.

Recycling Scrap Metal Means Less Mining

Many owners of junk cars will haul them to their local scrap or junkyard. While they don’t get top dollar for their wrecks, they do walk away with the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve done something to possibly help reduce the mining of metals.

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Metal mines can destroy their local environments and displace thousands of animals that once occupied that space. The mining industry is profit-based and has no care about its environmental impact. Recycling the metals from a junk car creates less of a demand for mining. What may seem like a small gesture toward the eco-friendly disposal of a junk car can make a big difference.

Less Use of Landfills

A junk car can take up a lot of space, both on your property and in a landfill. Selling your junk car either for scrap or to a backyard mechanic who will breathe new life into it can help to ensure that it doesn’t end up polluting the environment while it rots away in a landfill or junk heap. Another benefit is the elimination of toxic fluids and other hazardous car components from poisoning the environment.

Fewer Emissions Polluting the Air

Many California used cars become junk cars once they can no longer pass the state’s strict Smog Check inspection. While some can pass the emissions test with a cheap fix of replacing a faulty gas cap, others will require costly repairs that could easily equal the car’s resale value. By ditching your junk car, it’ll reduce the amount of harmful toxins in the environment. One less bomber on the road emitting carbon gasses is better for the world.

Environmental Reasons to Ditch Your Car: The Bottom Line

Earth-friendly owners of junk cars shouldn’t fret when they think about how to dispose of them. Other than illegally dumping them in a sketchy part of town, most of the time they’ll either be rebuilt, repurposed, or recycled. Allowing an unwanted car to rot away is potentially harmful to the environment.

The best way to ethically dispose of a junk car is to sell it to a specialized junk car dealer. They’ll haul them away, handle all of the paperwork, and hand you more cash than you probably imagined. Do your part to help the environment by ditching your junk car today.

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