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The UK’s Strangest First Cars 

UK drivers have revealed their favourite first cars in a new survey and some of the results are surprising. 

The survey, from Zero Deposit Car Leasing, looked at the choices of first cars from motorists from the 1950’s to present day. 

One thing that stood out within the data was just how varied the responses were. While there were plenty of Fiestas, Corsas and Clios that you’d expect to see there were other choices that didn’t fit the image you have in mind when you think of a first car.

Normally, a first car tends to be something you think of as needing to be easy to drive, cheap to insure, and usually a bit smaller and more manoeuvrable. However, some of the cars some drivers opted for were anything but.

Ford Transit

It’s rare that when you think of a first car you picture a van. Two people within the survey got behind the wheel for the first time in charge of a Transit van. 

While it doesn’t necessarily fit the typical image of a first car it underpins the fact that Fords have been a popular choice for new motorists for decades, regardless of the choice of vehicle. 

Borgward Hansa

The scope of the survey revealed some of the fascinating classic cars that would have been driven much closer to them being in their heyday as opposed to the collector’s items they are now.

The Borgward Hansa was one of the first production cars built in Germany post World War 2. While only one driver listed this as their first car it still must have been an interesting sight on the roads in its heyday.

Jaguar F-Pace

2016 Jaguar F Pace S RJ 4

Many people opt for a relatively inexpensive first car out of the fear of it being dinged, scratched and dented in those first few months after your get your license.

One driver in the survey went down a different route, opting for a £36,000 Jaguar F-Pace as their first car. Large, luxurious and expensive this was one of the entries that was as far away from the typical image of the first car as you could get.

Ford Thames Van

The Thames van is famous for its appearance in the Italian Job. Much like the Ford Transit, its size and manoeuvrability don’t exactly scream nimble and easy to drive. Then you also consider the age of the Thames, predating many of the standard modern comforts we enjoy now, like power steering, which must’ve made this a daunting drive for new motorists. 

BMW 320

Keeping the cost of your insurance down is a big aim for new motorists. There are 50 different insurance groups which categorise vehicles. The rule of thumb is that a vehicle in a lower numbered group will cost less to insure than one in a higher numbered group.

The most popular first car was the Ford Fiesta, a vehicle that sits towards the lower end of the insurance bracket. Some motorists on the list chose vehicles which are naturally much more expensive to insure. For example, the BMW 320, of which there were several on the list, can, depending on the model, be as high as insurance group 46!

Zastava Yugo

Most drivers look at their first car as a symbol of growing freedom and independence. The survey asked motorists how fondly they remembered their first car, with some vehicles, like the iconic Mini or Morris Minor being adored by their drivers. 

Some cars didn’t fare as well. The Zastava Yugo was a car built between 1980 to 2008 and ranks highly on a number of lists of most hated cars because of its construction and build quality. Some reviews claim it’s the ‘world’s worst car’ with a lack of features, poor ride and bad handling all contributing to its infamous reputation.

While the entries on this list might not be the best or most traditional when it comes to choosing your first car, the research demonstrated just how much choice British motorists have when it comes to finding the right car for them. The research also revealed that if you’re struggling to decide on a car you can’t really go wrong with a Fiesta, which might explain why 22% of drivers chose one as their first car.

More information on the study can be found here.

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