The Video Games With The Most Realistic Car Mechanics

Getting the aspect of cars right in video games is a fine art – there have been car-based games around almost as long as the industry itself with 2D racing games emerging in the 80s. Ever since then the industry has evolved almost year by year – along with car-based games. We’re going to take a look at some of the video games with the most realistic driving mechanics and cars.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is a game that’s always being updated – just a few short years back the game introduced an in-game casino – if you enjoy the casino games there, you’ll probably like the action you can find with live casino games. You can find out more at Casino Online In, which lists all the best live casinos in Canada.

With these updates always come new cars, and there’s a reason – the driving is spectacular in the game! The vehicle damage is almost second to none and each car handles totally differently. Whilst you can’t fine-tune certain parts of your car like you can in some of the other games on this list, the fact you can drive around a realistic city with realistic driving mechanics more than makes up for it.

Forza Horizon 5

The Forza series is well known for its incredible gameplay, and Horizon 5 takes that to a whole new level. Many people often consider Forza Horizon 5 to have the most realistic car mechanics of any video game ever.

The action takes place during the fictional Horizon festival in Mexico, and players can drive and drift around the sandbox world as they please. The setting is stunning – you’ve got arid deserts, lush jungle-like areas and even an active volcano that you’ll see on your scenic drives.

This driving style is a bit more arcade style than previous entries in the Forza series, so you’ll have stunt jumps and bonus points for style, but the mechanics and fine-tuning of cars are very impressive.

Gran Turismo Sport

Another iconic series of racing games, if it’s pure car racing you’re after, then this is the game for you. Released on the Playstation 4, there are a number of different modes you can play including the GT league, a special school to get to grips with the cars as well as a time trial DLC that Lewis Hamilton has attached his name to.

Pile on top of this the ability to soup up your cars to your liking, 27 real-world tracks among the 80+ that are playable and over 300 different real-world cars from all sorts of brands – including Ford, Bentley, Toyota, Subaru and more – and you’ve got an absolutely cracking game for racing purists.

Forza Motorsport 7

Arguably one of the best-looking games on this list, it can come as a shock at just how good Forza Motorsport 7 looks – that includes the cars. Taking itself a bit more seriously than Horizon, this entry in the Forza series Lets you get incredibly granular with the modifications and settings of each car. Let’s just say you can waste hours off of the racetrack, just fine-tuning every little aspect from the ground up of your car.

If the extreme level of customization doesn’t quite tip you over the edge when it comes to playing this, there’s an absolutely staggering selection of cars in the game. You’ll find over 700 different cars – including high-end Ferraris, Aston Martins, Maserati cars and so, so many more. To say that there’s more than enough to keep any car fanatic happy would be an understatement.

Automation Car Company Tycoon

Now, this is a rather interesting entry on this list. Whilst Automation Car Company Tycoon isn’t really about racing cars – it’s about creating your dream car. If you’re all about realistic touches when it comes to fine-tuning your dream vehicle, this will be your cup of tea!

It’s incredibly difficult, with a steep learning curve, but the satisfaction you get when you get it right comes second to none of the games on the rest of this list. You essentially create cars and then test them in the same software actual car manufacturers use to see if your creations do as they should. While you won’t really be racing much in this game, the realism is absolutely insane and it makes you think about how much goes into the creation of cars!

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