Tips For Foundation Crack Repair Companies in Edmonton AB

A property is one of the biggest investments that most of us will make in our lifetimes, often we do not own the property outright and have to therefore make monthly mortgage payments. As we have a lot of our own money tied up in the property and usually owe a substantial sum to the lender it is therefore essential that we protect our investment and one way to do that would be to have regular maintenance checks on the fabric of our building and conduct timeous repairs should we detect a problem.

The structural integrity of the building is very important and if it is compromised, future lenders may refuse to lend to borrowers, devaluing your home and rendering it unsaleable. The foundation of your house is the part of the house that is attached to the ground and it supports the entire structure of your home.

Problems with the foundations of a home can manifest in several ways and not always in the way that you would imagine.

The following issues could be related to a problem with the foundations of your home.

  • Leaks in your basement
  • Cracks, including cracks in the upper walls
  • Windows or doors which no longer fit
  • A bulge or curve in a wall, usually more visible from the exterior of the property
  • A house, which from the exterior appears to slope more to the one side tan another
  • Ceramic flooring tiles may crack

If you notice problems such as those described above, it is essential that you call in the experts. If your problem exists, locally in Edmonton, AB, you may wonder where to turn to find a reliable local company. It is one thing have a repair carried out when you understand the nature of the problem, you can check the work, check the materials used and ask all of the right questions but when it comes to a repair in the foundation of our home, how many of us know enough to be able to ask the proper questions, let alone check the work after it has been carried out, we are therefore at the mercy of the company that we have chosen to do the task, so it is essential that we choose a reputable firm, but how do we do that in Edmonton, AB?


Asking for recommendations is always a good start, someone has used the company before and if you personally know the person that is making the recommendation, that can be very reassuring. You could also make use of social media connections and ask in that forum. Using a Google search should provide you with further local options in Edmonton. Local press or local magazines may hold adverts from local companies.

Ramco Foundation Repairs is a local company with an excellent reputation, they are experienced professionals who offer foundation repairs in addition to other building services such as Waterproofing, Sump Pump Systems and Wall Repair. Their website provides helpful and informative advice and there is an FAQ section. You can contact the company for advice and they will be able to provide you with a free no obligation quote and assessment. Ramco have been providing local building solutions for more than 25 years.


Look for company reviews, many companies will have reviews and testimonials included as part of their website but look outside that and ask around locally if you can. A Google search may provide you with some other reviews as well. Try to obtain a balanced view and do not focus on the very poor or for that matter the absolutely fabulous.

Transparency and Experience

A reputable company should be able to attend your property and provide a considered opinion and a free estimate for the work that they would recommend to fix your problem. The estimate should be fully inclusive of all charges and if there is doubt as to a particular aspect, the engineer may not know until he / she begins work whether they will have to work on a particular aspect, that should be mentioned and a rough indication of cost passed on to the customer. Experience is key because an inexperienced company may well provide you with an estimate but when they arrive and begin work, the initial estimate may well prove inaccurate as they discover that in fact more repairs are necessary. An experienced company will also be able to complete your work with the minimal mess and disruption. Look for a company who has completed work such as yours before and has been serving the local community for a period of time.

Talk to the Company

There is no better way to get the feel of a company than by calling them for a chat. Things like how quickly they answer the phone and how quickly you can be put through someone who can speak to you about your problem will point to how efficient the company are. If they tell you that someone will call you back and make an arrangement to do that, they should call you back and not leave you waiting around. A company who is too busy may not have enough time for you and your job. When you do manage to speak with someone, assess whether they have the patience to listen to your concerns and the interest to answer your queries, you should never feel awkward about asking the simplest of questions. A reputable company should be willing to spend time with you to explain their processes and answer your questions. A chat will also allow you to assess whether or not the company have a passion for what they do, after all, it would be better to have a forward thinking, enthusiastic team in charge of your foundation repair.

By repairing your foundation crack at as early a stage as possible, you will be saving yourself from a much costlier repair in the longer term. Foundation cracks do not go away and they certainly do not get any better so attend to the problem as soon as you can by calling an experienced professional.

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