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Tips for a Safe & Easy Motorcycle Road Trip

Riding a motorcycle for long distances requires more skills and knowledge as compared to short city rides. Since you cannot take a lot of things with you like when you travel by car, motorcycle road trips require a wise planning and preparations. How to make the journey safe and comfortable with the minimum luggage and equipment? What to pack and what to wear? What kind of motorcycle tyres to choose? Read our motorcycle travelling tips.

Ensure the comfort and safety of your bike

It’s the number-one rule! Comfort and safety are much more important than how cool you look on your bike. Since the trip is long and you cannot change position on your bike, make sure it is absolutely comfortable for you to ride. Make necessary modifications if needed: fit a more comfy handlebar, change the exhaust pipe or change your headlights for the brighter ones if you plan to ride in the evenings. Ask a mechanic what kind of spares you may need in your trip (the list if different for different bikes). But in general, the must-take spares are some engine oil, spare tube, cables for brakes and accelerator and spark plugs.

Get the right motorcycle tyres

Tyres for your trip must be chosen based on the type of terrain you’ll be riding on. Tyres designed for competitions (motocross and Enduro tyres), however cool they are, are bad for riding on highways. You’ll need different tyres for off-road riding, winding roads or gravel, so think about the type (or types) of terrain you are going to encounter during your ride and try to make a balanced choice. Choose specs according to the recommendations provided by the bike manufacturer. The wrong choice can lead to tyre damage during the ride.

Dress and pack reasonably

For a long trip, you’ll need riding pants, jacket, ankle boots and of the right motorcycle helmet. Opt for breathable synthetic T-shirts and underwear as, unlike cotton clothing, they can be easily washed and dried overnight in the hotel. A very long trip can be merciless to clothes, so it’s wiser to bring old clothing and then get rid of it when you come back home. If you are going on a trip with a spouse or buddies, avoid taking duplicate items. Compare your packing lists to see how some items (such as shampoo or toothpaste) can be shared. Riding on a lighter note is one of the greatest pleasures of motorcycling.

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