Tokyo Motorshow 2015: Subaru Impreza 5-Door Concept

The latest Tokyo Motorshow is upon us once again, and this year, as you can expect from the tech-savvy Japanese, they have introduced yet another batch of quite alien vehicles. However, the one in question today is not as exciting nor as unfamiliar, in fact, it is something that we’re quite comfortable with.

Cue the Subaru Impreza, a familiar mate that has been with us for a long time, some would say that it has softened up quite a bit over the years. But I disagree, as the WRX variants usually have a pretty big punch in terms of acceleration, and still ride like a rally car.

In terms of looks though, I do have to agree, especially when you consider the ‘Blobeye’ and ‘Bugeye’ versions, however, Subaru has gotten back on track with the latest iterations, being the aggressive ‘Hawkeye’ and the latest 2015 ‘Rex, and with that an outcry has broken over the loss of the hatchback variant.

Well, sit down, as Subaru has brought us a nice little treat this year.

The Impreza 5-Door Concept

Named the ‘Impreza 5-Door Concept’. Yes, it’s actually called that for now, and not much is revealed about the insides, however, on the outside it is actually rather impressive, that is, if Subaru decides to actually produce this concept staying true to its design.

Subaru, with their latest concept, in my opinion, have rectified the major problem for multiple people during the previous iterations, the looks. People say that the Impreza is starting to look soft, unlike the ’90s Impreza, which were very square and aggressive looking.

Decisively, Subaru has made this version way, way wider than the previous versions, being over 5 inches wider and also made it lower and shorter. This all contributes to the incredible stance that the 5-door concept sits on.

They’ve brought back the hatchback Impreza, which was scrapped in the latest version, but we don’t know whether Subaru will make this yet. However, it’s not all bad news, this signifies the fact that Subaru is actually listening to their customers. They apparently stopped making the hatchback because they spent all their cash on the inner workings, drive train, chassis, and all that, and they had no more left to develop body styles.


It’s a good move that they’ve decided to bring back the hatch. Many yearn for the sheer practicality that the hatchback provides, and some even think it looks better than the typical saloon. And for the new concept, Subaru says that it will actually be beaten in terms of wideness by the production model, and I love the sound of that.

The new looks of the Impreza is thought out better; no lines end abruptly here, they’ve adopted a smooth side profile along with sharp looking headlamps and tail lamps, overall, giving the car a sleeker body line, mixed in with a very wide body.

Drivetrain information is largely undisclosed, but we can expect a selection of boxer four engines pushing power to all four wheels, mated to a manual or CVT gearbox. But it’s entirely possible, although quite unlikely, that they’ll surprise us.

Subaru also states that this design language will be found on other Subaru models in the future, logically including the next-generation Impreza, which will come to us next year at the New York auto show in late March, with the saloon and hatchback variants, finally.

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