Top 10 Best & Worst Automotive Technologies of 2018

2018 saw a mix of the best and the worst – the list of top 10 pumps the heart so fast!

The automotive enthusiasts, journalists and even the writers love top ten lists when it comes to the new cars, modern technologies and even the end of the year or on the New Year. Top ten facts about anything always worth reading. Sometimes things found so unpredictable for the year when these lists came across at the end of the year and list of top ten sellers show a make on the top which remained so unpopular in the past. Similarly, this uncertain situation keep arising make to make and brand to brand over the year. The buying patterns of the consumers also keep changing and they change on the bases of likes and dislikes. This behaviour also shows that there are a lot of things go other way and everything never remains on the positive side. If this is the case, why automakers need to offer even bigger warranties on their vehicles because there is a chance of going another way e.g. if a software which has been designed for controlling emissions, worked properly, why the automaker would have to pay back the compensation to their clients? They paid even after nine years.

This top ten list is based on the best and worse technologies, the ranking was given according to editor’s own point of view, and you can disagree to any of the facts.

10. Most Uneasy New Mobility Approach Disintegration

Last year it was in the news that GM has invested $1 Billion in the development of an automated gearshift and cruise automation systems to be added into a Chevy cruise and bolt. This system was designed to help Chevy Bolt to go on semi self-driving. The system was pulled away in just two years since it launches, what happened to the system and what went that wrong which ruined a billion dollar investment in two years? The price of the system was $1500 and then they pushed it up to just under $2000. Then comes the market where rivals like Volvo, Mercedes and BMW took over and launched even better services which come at lower prices than the Chevy and they were successful as well. Cadillac Book was ditched.

9. Most Below par Technology – Volvo pilot assist

Volvo is expert producing petrol and Volvo Diesel Engines and also introducing in-car gadgets and in the market there almost all vehicles have class-leading technologies from driver assistance systems to infotainment systems, every system outclasses and we love Volvo for their dedication and quality of built and so should you. Every new model of Volvo is even better and cooler than the previous model, they never wait for midlife changes or end life changes. Every model comes with something new. The look and feel is simply the cool one as they design their vehicles based on the malaise era cars and cool at the same time. The look and feel is simply awesome. But there is still a problem, the original Volvo was built on the safety and isn’t leading on the driver assistance system. The driver assist system called ADAS suit, designed as a pilot assist, ruined the vehicles, although Automatic Emergency Braking system is good when it comes to the transition warnings, display and lane keeping systems, they arise a number of questions. Volvo is not the leader of these technologies, Tesla leads the lane keeping system and Cadillac on the safety of the vehicles and driver assistance and monitoring systems. Volvo can do even better but they need to break their shell. Come on Volvo, you are the best and can do even better.

8. Best Tech from an Automaker with Substandard Management

It is Cadillac SuperCruise system, same where Volvo falling behind, this automaker is killing its own advanced systems like the driver assistance system. This system was developed years ago by Cadillac before the Tesla Auto Pilot release. The Tesla Autopilot was released in 2015. GM failed few times to deploy the SuperCruise system and it was marinated years ago in research and development. But in the first test, this system clears that the automaker didn’t do their job just well but they have done it superbly. The driver assist system was introduced with driver monitoring systems. An infrared camera was pointed on the driver to make it a sewing machine. Added class leading steering wheel mounted mode indicators too. So why the system was criticized? It was because of the management of the GM Company. The system should be an option on all GM vehicles from smallest to the biggest, every vehicle if it was designed as a safety gadget. Because safety doesn’t require you buy posh vehicles only. It has to be at the same level on the smaller vehicles as it is on the bigger vehicles. GM is still not planning to deploy their self-driving cruise automation system on all their vehicles and squandering their lead in the market. GM can lead the market in this segment, come on GM, and think bigger.

7. The How-Not-To-Market-Your-Cars Trophy

The German automaker is actually manufacturing the sheer power machines and we love their vehicles, but the current development team has made it hard to market their strengths. The development boss was questioned about the E46 CSL, as the real 3 Series. He refused by saying that he does not want to listen that shit anymore, it goes worse with the noose words. There are few qualities in the 3 series and they cannot be denied at all, first, it is far more comfortable at fast speeds than the rivals, you do not feel how fast you are going. Who doesn’t want to know that how fast they are going? Passengers. And who loves to see every fraction in speed? The buyer who paid the money and loves to buy the ultimate driving machine. The wrong wording from the management is actually making hard to market the vehicles.

6. Best Electric Vehicle on the Market Today

Indeed it is Tesla Model S. Yeah, yeah. When the model S comes on the road with its sheering charge capacity and a long run ability, no one can even think about any other vehicle. Although people talk about Model 3 but the Model S—the original premium EV is the pioneer in the EV segment which actually pushed the automakers to move on the electric means of mobility. Honestly speaking, it is almost a light year ahead of the automakers and anyone else making electric vehicles and thus its driver assistance apps and control systems are. So, why buy a model 3 over the model S? The S is quieter and efficient, comfortable at the same time, traditional like vehicle overall with storage capacity and everything, it rides better and has a bigger GPS display. Overall an S experience is just awesome and it is the vehicle of the century so far.

5. Best Autonomy Car on the Market Today

Forget autonomous cars, the autonomy cars are everything, to elevate the in-car freedom. What autonomy is? Liberation from boundaries, which can only be promised by the self-driving vehicles. This is why autonomy vehicles needed. Any Jeep can do the trick, simply get in a big SUV and you would get more autonomy than you ever got. It is a vehicle that can go anywhere, roads are not the limit for these vehicles, safety at the par, power and economy is also an extreme level. It has no limits to drive, can go anywhere, anytime, no matter if there is a road available or not. Would you like to learn more about the autonomy vehicles? Go to the human driving association.

4. Bad Use of the Word “Autonomous”

Never get inspire if someone claims himself an automotive technology expert, but make sure that you should not give attention to his findings especially when he is a writer in the automotive industry. A writer claims himself a Tesla technology expert in his articles, and his article shows that might not drive a Tesla even. There was so much wrong written in his article about the autonomous vehicles. The word autonomous was totally used in the wrong sense and tried to mislead the readers.

3. Worst You Tuber to Enthuse Self-Driving Apocalypse

Mr Choi, you tuber presented the things like the autonomous driving is a try of banning human driving at all. It can be said that there are people who even do not know how to drive but they are still demonstrating the self-driving vehicle and even the human driving techniques on their YouTube channels. If you are a believer in the freedom of driving, this you tuber is not on our side.

2. Worst Car Company Executive Performance

BMW’s development boss loves to give gifts and he keeps giving on its vehicles without marketing anything. BMW brand hurting really bad due to this guy and the least crime of him is the lack of proper marketing. Electric cars will be most expensive than petrol cars and this would remain forever. This is what he thinks and BMW would get hit from where. If he is right, why BMW is lacking behind in the EVs in all fields.

BMW would understand by now that the EV strategy is dead at BMW and this is the need of the time. At least for the next few years, Porsche Taycan would be ahead of the BMW EVs. This was the just one story but overall BMW is facing a hard time. When cars were introduced, they were expensive than horses and people still preferred cars.

1. The most Despicable dilemma for a car company

Electrek, for those who don’t give a dam about Tesla, considers that you are lucky enough and safe enough from the exposure to one of the most toxic and modern media war by Tesla. The existence of the Electric models is an intellectual and moral blight for those who love cars. Tesla believes in the vision of being the world’s most advanced vehicles. For the Tesla models, Electrek would make the history, now Fredric Lambert will spin the wheel soon of the success of Tesla if he would push Tesla standards a bit higher. The most fascinating chapter in the Electrek saga opened with the price drop in model 3’s performance. Two months after Lambert bought a model 3 and dismantled for their fans to show the falseness.

The critics remained for really long and then Lambert doubled it down and then he decided to reverse it again. His this decision was for the Musk’s good grace and this was a despicable dilemma for the company. Lambert is like a whore in the sex work because the better alternative is not available. Lambert has a choice and he chooses the low roads. According to the media, Lambert is the gift that keeps on taking and a show which is out of understanding. He is occupying the secondary role in the company and anyone could do it.

Tesla has a number of reasons to root but there is one big reason to pray for the Tesla and their failure in the market. The reason is the wrong people in the wrong places in the company, and not only the wrong people but rewarding those big financial benefits when they are not doing the right things for Tesla. They must not be rewarded for lowering the informational bar to them but the even important thing is the rightsizing, must fit them into the right places where they supposed to be at Tesla, ethically and technically. Alan Musk must not take chances about the future of the world’s best electric vehicle. If someone thinks that the writer is harsh about the management on Tesla, they are absolutely wrong because this is love and affection about the automaker as we are seeing them rising on the horizons of technology. It is also not because the media doesn’t know what is going on in Tesla and why they are facing failure, I am almost blind about the internal stories of Tesla.

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