Top Gear Season 21 Starting 2nd February 2014

Depending on how much of an optimist you are, February can often be a bit of a depressing month. Christmas is over, you’re broke and there’s no bank holidays for a while. Worry not: At least Top Gear is returning. Jeremy Clarkson himself confirmed it to a fan via Twitter, stating that the next series would begin on 2nd February, or around the same date most of us have finally finished eating Christmas leftovers.

There is plenty of evidence for some of the new season’s features. Among them is a test of the new, seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI, and another test of the McLaren P1. The team also takes a trip to the Bathurst V8 Supercars race in Australia, and a much less powerful feature on the National MicroCar Rally in the U.K.

Not long to wait now!

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