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Top Tips For Hiring The Best Car Mechanic

For many people, your car is your biggest investment after your home. It is essential to getting you from point A to point B. Mechanics know that many of us will pay whatever it takes to get our car working again and that most car owners don’t know how to price work. Or we might not care to do our homework, because we just want to go home. That’s why you must find the best car mechanic you can, for when your car requires work. Here are our top tips for hiring the best car mechanic.

Get Recommendations

It is easy to read reviews online, but these can be faked. They can also be skewed, because people tend to leave reviews only when something has gone wrong. The solution to this is to get recommendations from people you know. What mechanics do they use for general maintenance? Who did they use when they required specialized repairs like you need, whether it is a new transmission or new brakes?

Verify They Can Do The Work You Need Done

Verify that the auto mechanic has the right combination of experience and equipment to handle your particular problem. And if they don’t repair your car or handle the issue you’re dealing with, strike them off your list.

The best mechanic for the job will have the right tools, equipment and expertise to work on your particular model of car. If you have a luxury vehicle or foreign car, the average repair shop may not be able to deal with it. If the car requires warranty work or repairs made under a recall, you may be forced to go to a repair shop associated with the dealership. Replacing a transmission or repairing a damaged auto body could force you to go to a specialist.

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In most cases, you can use a reliable local mechanic like Northwest Houston Auto Repair. Furthermore, they can be your go-to mechanic for most issues, though you may have to see a specialized independent mechanic in some cases.

Do Your Research

We mentioned the potential issues with online reviews, but word of mouth referrals can be biased, too. After all, are you going to bad-mouth your cousin’s repair shop if you can get them business? Furthermore, someone may have had a good experience in terms of service without knowing that they were overcharged or that more work was done than necessary. This is why you should follow up any referral with your own research. Check the Better Business Bureau ratings of the business. Have they been sanctioned for doing unnecessary work, such as replacing three parts to fix that dashboard light that kept coming on? Did they overcharge customers? Did they take weeks to replace parts that should have been replaced in days?

Check Qualifications

This is an area of contention. Should you require the mechanic to be ASE certified? Does it matter if the shop is AAA approved? After all, one’s credentials don’t always prove one’s competency or their quality of work. The better solution is to ask how they’d fix the problem and how often they’ve dealt with this sort of issue.

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