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Tour Hoonigan Racing Headquarters With Ken Block

Rally driver and internet video star Ken Block was kind enough to open up the Hoonigan Racing Headquarters for camera crews. In a video tour, Block shows viewers around the Utah facility he calls home.

Hoonigan Racing Headquarters

Ken begins his Hoonigan Racing tour by showing off a bright yellow Ford Focus ST that was modified by tuning group fifteen52 as part of the Project ST modification program.

We also see Block’s conference room, which features a wooden conference table supported by white five-spoke wheels used during production of the Gymkhana 4 viral video, an entire wall of fridges stocked with Monster Energy drinks; and a wall that features damaged parts from Block’s many rally and racing crashes.

Lastly, Block takes viewers into the Hoonigan Racing garage, which features several rally cars and the track equipped Ford F-150 SVT Raptortrax. Sadly, Block doesn’t get any of the cars out to play.

For a better look inside the home of Ken Block, check out his video tour of Hoonigan Racing below.

Source: Hoonigan Racing 

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