Towing With An Electric Car Experience In The Genesis GV70

I had the opportunity to test out the towing capabilities of the Electrified Genesis GV70 on a proving ground. This high-performance premium SUV is causing a stir with its impressive specs and tech, and I was keen to discover how it fared under real-world towing conditions.

For our testing, we used an empty horse box as our towed load. Although lighter due to its empty state, the box provided a considerable aerodynamic challenge, closely simulating the difficulties of towing a filled horse box on the open road. The size and drag of a horse box can significantly impact a vehicle’s towing performance, making it an ideal candidate for our test.

Power Performance and Capacity

The Genesis GV70 Electrified promises a decent towing capacity, while our horse box was well below the max towing weight, the test nonetheless was a superb opportunity to examine how the vehicle’s performance characteristics held up under towing conditions.

Stability under Challenging Conditions

One of the key highlights of our test was the opportunity to try out the GV70 Electrified on a wet, low-friction surface with the horse box hooked up. This challenging condition is a real-world nightmare for many drivers, particularly when towing.

The Genesis Electrified GV70 performed admirably. Despite the slippery conditions, the vehicle’s active towing technologies shone through. The traction control system kept the wheels from spinning, and the stability control kept the horse box from swaying even a tiny bit. Even under hard acceleration and full power braking, the GV70 maintained its composure, keeping the horse box in perfect check.

Acceleration and Braking Capabilities

Testing the GV70 Electrified’s acceleration and braking capabilities while towing was enlightening. The vehicle’s high torque electric powertrain, ensured quick, smooth, and seamless acceleration, even with the sizeable horse box in tow. The box seemed to dissolve, and the vehicle moved as though unencumbered. The weight of the horse box was barely perceptible during acceleration, underlining the vehicle’s impressive power.

The braking test was equally impressive. The GV70 Electrified decelerated smoothly and confidently, bringing the car and the horse box to a controlled stop even from high speeds. Once again, the car performed as if the horse box wasn’t there.


User-friendly Experience

What struck me most about the Genesis GV70 Electrified was its user-friendliness. Even your mom, with no experience with towing, would be able to jump in and navigate the course with ease. The vehicle’s array of driver-assist systems, like the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control System (TCS), make it easy for any driver to feel confident while towing.

Wrapping Up

The Genesis Electrified GV70 passed our towing test with flying colours. Its robust towing capacity, active towing technologies, and high-performance characteristics make it an excellent option for anyone looking for a powerful yet user-friendly electric towing vehicle.

That being said, while the Electrified GV70 performed exceedingly well in our tests, it’s worth noting that real-world conditions can vary. Factors such as payload weight, terrain, and driver experience can all impact towing performance.

However, based on our tests, the Genesis GV70 Electrified stands as a testament to the impressive strides being made in electric vehicle technology. It handles the challenges of towing with ease and assurance, showing that electric vehicles can be more than efficient city runabouts. Genesis electric vehicles have proven their capabilities, demonstrating they can be robust, proficient, and perfectly suited to the demands of towing

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