Transcend DrivePro 10 Dashcam Review – Small Yet Powerful

Transcend is renowned for building reliable, high performance, high-resolution car-mounted cameras for the past decade. So when they say the new DrivePro 10 dashcam is the smallest, most sophisticated dashcam they have built, they have said a mouthful.

Dark Scenes Come Alive With DrivePro 10

DrivePro 10 was developed to meet the needs of fast drivers, gearheads, and ardent car nuts who are using the latest video capture and noise reduction systems to press digital technology to the limit.

The DrivePro 10 dashcam is one of the cameras that deliver superb HD images in a wide-angle footprint of the road ahead (140°) plus dozens of features you thought you would never find on a miniature car-mounted camera. For instance, it has a feature called STARVIS, that is capable of sensing varying shades of light while maintaining a high-resolution image is a feature that is built-in. Transcend’s DrivePro 10 dashcam offering comes standard with High Definition (1080 dot per inch) which is immense in terms of image clarity. 

Compactness and Ease of Use

Since DrivePro 10 is built on MP4 video format with a frequency of 60 frames per second the footage is great. The dashcam is compatible with most devices. This means you can activate its Wi-Fi functionality so you are able to watch its images either on your smartphone or laptop in real-time. With a light, compact, and most versatile car camera, Transcend intended to ensure even the most obscured details are captured during recording and stored safely.

And talking of safety, DrivePro 10 comes preset with a programmed G-sensor that secures pre-recorded footage from a deletion in the event of a crash.

Transcend DrivePro 10 Advantages

In addition to its compact size; The DrivePro 10 comes packed with yet another beneficial feature, the fact that you can mount it at a position of your choice without it being obstructive during the ride. Its adhesive mount allows it to be positioned at convenient spots inside the car. You can either have it positioned at the rear or on the front windshield for maximum view.

Furthermore, The DrivePro 10 dashcam’s focusing servo was specifically developed to provide super-smooth footage even at terrific car speeds. According to its service manual, temperatures ranging from -20°C  to 60°C are acceptably within limits. So this dashcam can be used pretty much anywhere on earth.

Detailed Footage For Law Enforcement

In case of an accident, the real footage will help you provide detailed evidence to insurance as well as law enforcement investigators. Recorded footage can be played back without removing its built-in memory card. And while DrivePro 10 dashcam supports memory cards from 16GB to 128GB, Transcend recommends using microSD cards of high endurance to achieve best results.

Transcend DrivePro 10 Dashcam Sample Footage

Specs At A Glance

Power Supply: DrivePro 10 operates with 12V power supply via the car’s lighter socket. The battery provides power to the dashcam even when the car is idling or is switched off. It is, however, recommended that the DrivePro dashcam be un-plugged to stop unnecessary consumption of power and possible damage.

DrivePro Search Tool: To make DrivePro 10 easy to use Transcend included a file locator function that allows a fast and easy way to sort video clips by recording date, file name, or group. You can also record a screenshot of a single video frame at a time. All these can be achieved using  the handy app.

Warranty: Transcend’s DrivePro 10 is compliant with a couple of international standards such as KC, BSMI, FCC, and CE and carries a limited warranty of two years.

Dimensions: DrivePro measures 5.83cm x 3.6cm x 2.28cm and weighs only 40 grams. It can be interfaced with other peripherals via a 2.0 USB port.

Lens: Its aperture has a focal length of F/2.0.

In Summary

Digital camera technology like this should be available to everybody. The Transcend’s DrivePro 10 dashcam performs superbly in low light. But low light isn’t the only area DrivePro shines. It also processes sharp, clear images with over 1080p. And it features a smart protection system to prevent accidental erasure of captured footage.

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