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Transcend DrivePro Installation Guide – 5 Minute Install

We have made it clear at Motor Verso that there are lots of great safety and practical reasons for using a car recorder. But some of the responses you get from people is that they look messy or clutter the interior of the car. This really just comes down to the quality of the installation. I have tested dashcams for around six months now and I have fitted Transcend cameras in many cars of all different shapes and sizes. I haven’t found one car that caused a messy installation yet. The install process is very simple and can be broken down into just a few steps we created the Transcend DrivePro installation guide you can see below.

Transcend DrivePro 520 -10 Transcend DrivePro Installation Guide

Transcend DrivePro Installation Guide

1) Stick DrivePro to windscreen using the sucker or sticky pad.
2) Plug in power cord to dash cam.
3) Feed the power cable out of sight between parts of the interior trim.
4) Hide excess power cable in footwells or under carpets.
5) Plug in power to v12 socket and turn on ignition.

As you can see the steps are all very simple. Installation for a new timer will only take around five minutes to do a perfect job. Take a look at the video below showing  an example of how simple the install is.

Transcend DrivePro Installation Video

Transcend DrivePro Products

If you are interested to learn more about the Transcend DrivePro 520 take a look at an article we published here or to purchase the camera for yourself visit there Amazon sales page.

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