Twin Turbo For Camaro V6

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6 – Is There A Good Turbo Kit?

Do you have a Chevy Camaro and you are bored with its performance and you are looking for a twin turbo for Camaro V6? Well, if this is the case, then you came to the right place because there will be a lot to cover on this topic, and learn whether this upgrade is worth it and how you can pull it off.

Installing and fitting mods on cars is our favorite sport. Especially when it comes to power upgrades. Upgrades that will bring a ton of power to the table. Namely, turbocharging or supercharging. Performance upgrades are probably the best. But also one of the most expensive ones since they require a ton of plumbing, installing, and tuning in order for them to work well with our cars.

This is why whenever you plan to add a turbo or a supercharger, you should consider these things and make sure that you are up to the task. I’m saying this since there are a lot of people who will purchase the parts and never install them on the car. Or possibly tear everything apart and sell the car in pieces after a couple of years. This is why you need to consider this before adding a twin turbo kit. But you shouldn’t worry because we are going to help you out.

First, we are going to learn what is the Chevy Camaro and why it is so popular. Then we will discuss forced induction. Namely, turbocharging and after that, we will dive into twin turbo for Camaro V6 kits. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Is A Chevy Camaro V6 Twin Turbo

Now before we dive into more complex topics like the twin turbo for Camaro V6. Let’s first take a look a the basics and understand more about the Chevy Camaro. Why is this essential? Well, this particular topic can get pretty confusing rather quickly, so a good introduction will be crucial.

So, this chapter and the following are dedicated to that. If you feel like you are up to the task, you can jump to the chapters where we discuss forced induction and the twin turbo Camaro.

What is the Camaro? The Camaro is the eternal competitor of the Ford Mustang. And these two cars are probably the only ones that are considered to be a pony car.

But what is a pony car? A pony car is a well-styled affordable coupe or a convertible with a sporty spirit in mind. This means that all Camaros are vehicles that strive for performance. Even the somewhat boring ones, such as the V6 Camaro.

So, here comes the idea to a lot of owners to do a twin turbo Camaro. And to install a twin turbo for Camaro V6.

Usually, engines, even the smaller ones like the V6 are hiding a lot of power. And when it comes to the Camaro, we can tell you that this is the case. People are getting some crazy numbers out of this small V6 engine.

Even though the standard output is still very respectable. Pushing about 335hp and 284lb-ft of torque. But have you asked yourself why the Camaro is so popular and nowadays is still a benchmark when it comes to pony cars? Let’s elaborate more on that in the following chapter before we dive into the twin turbo for Camaro V6.

Why Camaros Are So Popular

Now before we dive into the twin turbo for Camaro V6, let’s take a look at why these vehicles are so popular in the US market. Is that the case in the 2020s?

The pony car segment is one that still gathers a wide audience but is not as big as back in the day. Back in the good old days, I mean the 60s, 70s, and 80s, these cars were selling like hotcakes.

Every senior high-school kid had one of these. Kids just love these cars. And for a good reason. They are sporty and very good-looking. They drive well and most importantly, they are perfect for mods.

So, when it comes to Camaros and Mustangs, the aftermarket is full of parts. There is basically everything you need to make a Camaro that can make up to 1,200hp. All you need to have is money.

But when it comes to Camaros, you don’t need a whole fortune to have one. The next pro of having a Camaro is its price. They are probably one of the cheapest sports cars on the market. They are even cheaper than the Mustangs.

Especially the third and fourth generation of this model. The third-gen is a true legend in my opinion. These cars will always have a really special place in my heart.

That boxy shape with the aggressive front end. There isn’t anything more 80s than that. Except for the music that you will be rocking inside. To complete the look, as they would say.

But anyways, in this article, we talk about modern Camaros. More precisely 5th and 6th gen. So, what about the twin turbo for Camaro V6? More on that next.

What Is Forced Induction

Now as we learned about the Camaro and its legendary status. We can now move on and talk a bit about what is forced induction before we cover the twin turbo for Camaro V6.

This topic is also intended for beginners, who want to learn more about the basics of turbocharging or supercharging. So, if you want you can follow or you can jump to one of the following chapters where we discuss more the twin turbo for Camaro V6.

So, we can say that a ton of people, including me, want to create a lot of power from their engines. A stock engine, unless modified makes really modest power and torque numbers. And the throttle response and the overall impression of the car are pretty dull.

You apply the throttle and nothing happens. That’s just boring. So, that’s why always people strived on creating more power from their stock engines.

The first in the line for upgrading is probably the camshaft and cylinder heads. But these upgrades only get you a dozen horsepower more. The difference is not really big.

This is why forced induction was created. And what is forced induction? Well, we can say that forced induction in simple terms is a way to get more air into the engine. Thus, to create more power from the engine.

There are two main methods of delivering this result and driving more power into the engine. And more on that, we are going to elaborate in the following chapters before we dive into the twin turbo for Camaro V6.

Types Of Forced Induction

Since we covered the topic of forced induction and learned that this is the process of driving more air into the intake of the engine.

We think that now it is time to cover the types of forced induction that are out there before we start to dig into the twin turbo for Camaro V6. So, let’s cover them pretty briefly and learn more about these systems.


Now before we delve into the twin turbo for Camaro V6, let’s take a look at the first option when it comes to using forced induction to get power gains. And that is turbocharging. So, what is turbocharging?

Well, turbocharging as we mentioned is a method of delivering more air into the engine and making your car go faster.

And turbochargers work with the help of exhaust gases. More on the method of work we are going to cover later on in the article.

What is important for you as a Camaro owner who wants to get a horsepower boost is that this method of making power is a lot cheaper when compared to the next method that we are going to cover next.

You can get a full twin turbo bolt-on kit from eBay or a screaming deal. But more on that, we are going to elaborate in a bit. Now let’s discuss the second way of making power except for the twin turbo for Camaro V6.


Now before we dive into the twin turbo for Camaro V6, let’s take a look at the second method of creating power with forced induction. And this method is the good old supercharging way of making power.

The supercharger is also known as a compressor. This component basically compresses air and drives this air into the engine to create a ton of power.

This supercharger works with the help of a belt that is spun by the crankshaft of the vehicle. So, the engine has to work in order for the supercharge to work well. This means that the supercharger is driving more air into the engine. But also has some parasitic loss.

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6

This means that it also takes some of the performance because for it to work well, it has to spin fast and this can take a lot of energy from the engine. Causing the engine to spend more fuel. Unlike turbocharging where you don’t stress the engine too much to create power.

Another drawback with turbochargers is that they are quite more expensive than turbochargers. They cost a lot more money to make.

But what is good with superchargers, considering all their drawbacks, we can say that the power they make is really stable in the RPM range. Unlike with turbos when you only get the power when the turbos activate after 2,000 RPM. But how do turbochargers work in detail? More about that we will cover next before we dive into the twin turbo for Camaro V6.

How Turbochargers Work

Another thing that we would want to cover when it comes to the twin turbo for Camaro V6 is to learn how turbochargers work. You want to install a turbo on your Camaro and you need to know how this system works.

So, how does a turbocharger work? Well, it is worth noting that this is a complex system. It is not only the turbo. There is a lot more to it. Unlike the supercharger that is a bolt-on, for installing a twin turbo for Camaro V6, you will definitely need some skill because plumbing is crazy on these builds.

There are a ton of hoses and fittings that go into this system. Everything starts from the engine exhaust manifold. The exhaust gases are sent into the turbine.

The turbine is also known as the hot side of the turbo. This hot side is then connected with the cool side, which is the compressor. The compressor is then spun with the help of these exhaust gases and as the compressor spins it brings a ton more air into the system.

Then this compressor sends this hot compressed air into the intercooler where the hot air is cooled off and then injected into the intake manifold of the car

The turbo system is very complex. Especially in aftermarket applications, and especially when we are talking about V-engines. V-engines have two exhaust manifolds and installing a twin turbo for Camaro V6 can be a true challenge. But before that, let’s cover the pros and cons of having a twin turbo for Camaro V6.

Pros And Cons Of Turbocharging

Now before we start discussing more about your options when it comes to twin turbo for Camaro V6. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of running a turbocharger.

As with everything out there, installing a turbocharger has its positives and negatives. This is why you need to be really aware of what you are getting yourself into first, and then make a true estimate of whether it is worth it or not. So, let’s cover this briefly.

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6 – The Pros

When it comes to the pros of having a twin turbo for Camaro V6 installed, we can say that there are many benefits.

But the most important benefit is the power aspect. With two turbos, you can get a ton of power. More precisely about 500hp with no problem whatsoever. And you should know that these are the limits of this engine. 600hp max. If you push the engine too much, it will blow up in most cases.

The second pro will probably be the approval from car folks. Taking your car to a local Cars and Coffee will be a true pleasure since you don’t bring any Camaro but a twin-turbocharged Camaro.

And what is good is that nobody is going to know what kind of power your Camaro is making. This means that the Camaro will be a true sleeper. A Charger owner will say, hey a V6 Camaro and he will hope that he will have the easy way around you. But you will show him otherwise. And can it get better than that? I think not. But what about the cons of having a twin turbo for Camaro V6? Let’s cover some of the cons first.

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6 – The Cons

Now let’s cover the cons before we dive into the twin turbo for Camaro V6. And sadly, there are a few cons that you will come across when installing this kind of kit.

The biggest con is probably the sheer plumbing that you will have to make. You need to figure out a ton of stuff and connect a ton of hoses, fittings, and all other necessities in order for this kit to work.

Also, you will need to tune this kit to work with your engine. This means that a tuning shop visit will be essential and proper tuning can take a lot of time and a lot of pulls on the dyno. And this costs a ton of money.

So, much more than the cost to pay extra for a supercharger, and making a supercharged V6 Camaro will completely make sense.

This is why if you are inexperienced and want a more powerful engine, just upgrading for a V8 will be a better decision if you are asking me. The V8 is a much more upgradable platform and there is a proper LS 6.0 twin turbo kit or LS1 twin turbo kit. But for now, let’s take a look at your options right now.

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6

Now let’s take a look at the twin turbo for Camaro V6, is there any kit or do you need to rely on a universal turbo kit V6? Well, we did a thorough investigation on this and found only one kit on eBay was designed purposefully for the V6 Camaro.

The kit costs $1,676 and comes with all of the accessories needed. This means, twin turbos, plumbing, hoses, fittings, intercooler, and basically all the essentials for this type of work.

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6

But take note that this kit will only fit 2010 and 2011 Camaro models that run the 3.6L V6 and they claim that this kit can push up to 1,000 hp. But whether the engine can push this much power is really questionable. So, you need to take this information with a grain of salt.

If you want more information on it, you can check the posting and contact the seller. But what about the alternatives? Are there alternatives for the twin turbo for Camaro V6? More on that next.

Alternatives To The Twin Turbo For Camaro V6

The alternatives when it comes to the twin turbo for Camaro V6 are both superchargers in our book. Still, there are some companies that offer a single turbo kit for the Camaro. But in our book, the supercharger works better with this engine.

And what is good is that both Edelbrock and ProCharger have their own kits that were fully designed and tested around the 3.6L Camaro V6 engine.

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6

So, no matter which route you go, the kit will work 100%. The ProCharger supercharger kit cost about $6,100. While the Edelbrock supercharger kit is about $6,500.

What is good with the Edelbrock kit is that you get 36,000 miles or a 3-year warranty on the powertrain when applicable as they say on their website. This system should deliver 376hp, while the ProCharger kit will deliver about 500 crank horsepower as they claim on their website.

Another alternative is to just go for the V8 Camaro if you are into more power. Or possibly, you can go for the LF4 engine. This is a twin turbo version of the V6 designed only for Cadillacs. More precisely the Cadillac ATS-V. The LF4 is pushing about 445hp and 445lb-ft of torque. But finding one of these engines can be a challenge.

Rear-Mounted Turbo Systems for Camaro: Installation Steps and Facts

  1. While the small block V8 made the Camaro famous, many models lost a few cylinders between the dream and the sales floor.
  2. Modern rear-mounted turbo systems can produce significant power and fit in almost any chassis regardless of engine bay clearance.
  3. Rear-mounted turbo systems are more linear and easier to drive than common sense might suggest.
  4. Exact installation times, procedures, and mounting locations will vary greatly depending on the kit and model year.
  5. The first step in installing a rear-mounted turbo system is to remove the stock cat-back exhaust system and install the dual exhaust system included in the kit or recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. The second step is to bolt the turbos to the up-pipes with the supplied hardware and install the electric oil pump in the trunk, plumbing and wiring it to the car’s electrical system.
  7. The third step is to install the oil sump as low as possible to prevent oil drain back, making sure it’s at least 4 to 6 inches lower than the turbos.
  8. If there isn’t enough space to install the sump lower than the turbos, a dry sump-style scavenging pump must be used instead of a standard oil pump to drain the turbos.
  9. The fourth step involves connecting the turbos to the Camaro’s throttle body inlet with the supplied tubing, brackets, silicone connectors, and hose clamps. Using a pair of small diameter pipes instead of a single large pipe can reduce turbo lag and increase throttle response.
  10. The fifth step is to install the fuel injectors, fuel pump or supplemental fuel system, and a turbo-specific, aftermarket computer chip or reprogrammable fuel management unit for engines using more than seven to eight psi of boost. One pound of boost is worth about an 8 percent improvement in power on most engines, and seven psi of boost should be worth about 100 horsepower on a 180-horsepower engine without requiring a new computer.

Twin Turbo For Camaro V6: In Conclusion…

In this article, we covered quite a bit when it comes to the twin turbo for Camaro V6. First, we learned what is the Camaro and why this model is so legendary in the US market.

Then we discussed all about forced induction. We learned about turbocharging and supercharging, and their pros and cons. Lastly, we learned about the twin turbo for Camaro V6 and learned what options you have when it comes to this build. As well as the alternatives that are available on the market for you.

F.A.Qs To Twin Turbo For Camaro V6

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What Is A Turbo Kit

A turbo kit is basically a turbocharger with all of the essential components to make it work. In this kit, there are a ton of components. Namely, the turbo, hoses, fittings, clamps, intercooler, and other essentials.

How Much Is A Twin Turbo

Twin-turbo kit cost really depends on the quality of the kit. The cheapest kits cost only $1,200. But with this kit, you cannot expect much. You will lose a ton of time figuring everything out and making it work. A good turbo kit for a specific vehicle is difficult to come by. So, if you are not into fabricating, then you will have a hard time putting it together.

Can You Put A Turbo On A V6

Yes, you can put a turbo on a V6 engine. You can install a single turbo and also do a twin turbo install. Twin-turbo is usually more complex since you have two exhaust manifolds. Fitting a single turbo underneath the car can be rather easy to pull off.

How To Make A V6 Camaro Faster Than A V8

You can make it faster by installing a supercharger. But considering that a supercharger is worth $6,000, it doesn’t really make sense to do this upgrade. Just get a V8 and call it a day if you don’t want to deal with installations and all the other expenses for tuning.

Can You Supercharge A V6 Camaro

Yes, you can supercharge a V6 Camaro. There are kits available on the market from ProCharger and also from Edelbrock. Both of these kits cost between $6,100 and $6,500. They are bolt-on and they work quite well and deliver stable power.

How To Install Twin Turbos

Installing twin turbos is a rather difficult thing to pull off. There is a lot of plumbing that needs to be tackled and this is rather expensive. Another thing that is also expensive is the tuning. A cheaper route will be to install only one turbo.

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