Tyre Safety: The Underrated Factor Putting Motorists’ Lives at Risk

A recent study conducted by Bridgestone, a leading tyre manufacturer, revealed that a lack of understanding about tyre safety is putting motorists’ lives at risk. The survey of 2,000 UK drivers showed that only 14% considered tyres to be the most crucial safety feature on their cars, with the majority viewing airbags (24%) as more important. This lack of awareness is concerning, as tyres are directly responsible for hundreds of casualties and several deaths each year.

Understanding the Importance of Tyres

Tyres are the only points of contact between a vehicle and the road. Yet, despite this, the survey found that only 42% of motorists know the legal tread limit (1.6mm). Furthermore, 54% don’t believe that driving on illegal tyres is extremely dangerous, and only 31% say they are well informed on road safety matters. The recommended period to check tyre treads is once a fortnight, but just 12% of motorists adhere to this guidance. Similarly, only 17% check their tyre pressures within this timeframe.

Bridgestone’s North Region Vice President, Andrea Manenti, expressed concern about the lack of understanding surrounding tyre safety, stating that lives are being put at risk due to inadequate tyre knowledge. Bridgestone is committed to bringing this issue to the forefront, reminding motorists that the quality of their tyres directly affects the performance of other safety features on a vehicle.

Premium Tyres and Road Safety

Bridgestone emphasizes the importance of using premium tyres, which can significantly improve stopping distances and overall safety. For example, cars equipped with budget tyres can take an extra 14 meters to stop in wet conditions when driving at 70 mph, compared to cars with premium brand tyres. Under-inflated tyres and poorly maintained brakes can also negatively impact stopping distances.

Bridgestone’s flagship touring tyre, the Turanza 6, offers best-in-class wet performance to help keep drivers safe on the road while also providing enhanced sustainability through superior mileage and improved fuel/energy efficiency. Independent tests by TÜV SÜD have shown that the Turanza 6 outperforms its competitors in the segment with best-in-class wet performance, including cornering maneuvers and straight-line performance.

Educating Motorists on Tyre Safety

Bridgestone is dedicated to changing attitudes towards tyre safety through education campaigns and initiatives, reminding motorists to regularly check tread depths and pressure levels. By raising awareness about the importance of tyres, the company aims to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities related to inadequate tyre maintenance.

The road safety research carried out by Bridgestone is part of its mission to provide social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company. It also aligns with the company’s E8 Commitment, which guides their strategic priorities, decision-making, and actions throughout the business and operations.


Tyre safety is an often overlooked but crucial aspect of road safety. Bridgestone’s research highlights the need for greater understanding and awareness among motorists regarding the importance of maintaining and using high-quality tyres. By educating drivers and promoting regular tyre checks, we can work towards reducing the number of accidents and fatalities on the road caused by inadequate tyre safety.

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