Ultimate Styling @VWOTS 2016!

VWOTS is not only one of the biggest shows on Volkswagen, Audi and Sköda in the Netherlands. It is also one of the most diverse shows. You can find absolutely anything here, from old-timers to the latest models!

This show is based at an industrial area and is actually a long road. All cars are uniquely styled and every single one of them has different detailing. We used to call it Tuning but in the ‘scene’ they prefer the term Styling. Every car is personalised by the taste the owner has. Not everyone may agree with the styling you choose, but in the scene everybody appreciates one another’s tastes because most of the people fix the cars themselves and are very proud of what they’ve achieved.

So now you have an idea on what the scene is all about, I must put some cars in the spotlight!

Volkswagen Type: 23. Year Built: 1967

I find this van such a cool add to the scene. These days all the young people want the newest and the fastest, but these people actually reconstructed this van in it’s old glory. And it’s fantastic to see! The colour is old-school, the car is simple yet intriguing and the detailing finishes it all.

Volkswagen Type: Scirocco GT. Year Built: 1977

This is such an amazing sight to see. The car is way older than myself and still running beautifully. The sound, the looks and the style are a great combo! Lowered by a coilover, brilliant wheels and a complete chrome engine. The interior is completely original and perfectly kept.

Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe U9. Year Built: 1990

Simplicity is elegance. This type of Porsche has always been a sight to see. But the difference a good set of wheels can make, is visible with this car. The AirRide makes a great addition! The clean styling is exactly what it needs, not too many extras. Except some very cool carbon detailing in its interior and on the engine

Audi RS4. Year Built: 2004

This one is a BEAST! I absolutely love the simplicity of this car. Not much was done and it still is a pleasure to see. Just lowered (AirRide), other wheels, big brakes and voila! And man… that power!

Volkswagen Golf 4 R32. Year Built: 2003

Like the Audi above, this is a clean car. Not in need of many details to be completely awesome. With its V6 and 250 hp it’s perfect. Lowered (AirRide), fitted wheels and these gorgeous neon yellow big brakes under that clear blue makes this car a real winner for me!

Overall what I see in this specific scene is that most cars are clean. Not a lot of adds, not way too much exaggeration. Just lowered, fitted (custom) wheels and some special chrome and carbon) detailing. Like any other car scene the owners create their own unique view. And they are proud, as they should be

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