Undeniable Reasons People Love Personal Regs

Irrespective of the economic state of the country, one business that has been seeing a steady rise has been personalised number plates. We are talking figures around the £100 million mark. What is the cause behind such popularity? It is a combination of various things which we will explore now.

One of the ultimate statement of individuality

You could get the most unique and outrageous car out there but for all intents and purposes it is just a car but if it comes with a unique number plate then it becomes something that is truly yours. Whether this is vanity or something that is understandable is up to you but “if you can, then why not” is what we think about it. A supercar will turn heads but a personalised number plate is something that will leave a lasting impression. We are not here to judge but we understand if you feel that you need a personalised number plate. After all, who really uses all the horsepower available in their car? Whether it comes off as obnoxious or not, personalised number plates are a sign of success and that explains their popularity to a certain degree.

Porsche 911 Carrera 2018 3

It can actually be an investment

Not everyone who buys a supercar or a vintage car does so out of a need to spend money. They do so as it can be a very viable way of investing money. We have all heard off or read the otherworldly numbers that some vintage cars sell for at auctions. While personalised number plates do not have the same level of popularity as these cars, they can still be a very lucrative investment if done the right way. Of course, it has to be done right and you have to figure out how long you need to hold on to a number before selling it off. On paper, all you have to do is buy at a low price and sell at a high price but it is a bit more complicated than that in the real world. The point is that when done right, you can end up making a fortune. There are a number of plates that sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds every year and all you have to do is find a cheap deal on one. 

It provides a sense of accomplishment

Finally, we all like to have things that help us feel like we have accomplished something in our lives. For some, it might be a big house and for others, it might be a lavish holiday. Then there are those who prefer something that is a bit more ‘in your face’ and personalised number plates are perfect for such people. What is surprising is that it is not just the super-rich who are after these number plates. People from pretty normal walks of life are investing in them thanks to great financing options. It is a bit psychological at the end of the day but as a car nut, I can relate to that. There is no reason why I should make the back end of my car misbehave around a corner but I do it anyway because it brings a smile on my face and if getting personalised number plates does the same for others then why not?

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