Honda Civic Type R 2016 4

Updated Preview of the 2015 Honda Civic Type R

For the 2015 Civic Type R, Honda has taken its own hot hatch guide book and put it through the shredder.

The Civic Type R will be the first Honda in Europe to have one of their all-new VTEC TURBO engines from Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology range – the engines will use direct-injection petrol turbos utilising variable valve motion technology and will be delivering in excess of 276bhp.

Fans of the old VTEC Type R will be disappointed to see the new engine’s red line beginning at 7,000 rpm – it’s a very different driving experience with considerably more torque (up from 145 lb/ft to around 295 lb/ft) delivered much lower in the rev range.

All of this should make the new Type R quicker than the one it replaces. It should be less thirsty and greener too. Last September Honda announced “the all-new Type R will aim to become the fastest front-wheel-drive vehicle on the Nürburgring race track”. The target they’re aiming for is 8-minutes or under, beating the current front-wheel drive record of 8 min 7.97 seconds held by the Megane Renaultsport 265.

There’s still a long way to go until 2015, time for one of their competitors to beat them to it. The generation was the FN2 CTR read what the old car was like.

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