US States With High Percentage 3 Or More Cars Per Home

If you are a car enthusiast, you would always want to add the latest models to the fleet of vehicles parked in your garage. In the global perspectives, USA houses the highest count of owners of personal vehicles. Again, by the US perspectives, some of its states hold more stake about the possession of personal cars. Across the country, there are a few states that house residents with 3 or more personal vehicles in their possession. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss such US states.

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California- the paradise for the car enthusiasts

It will not be an overstatement to claim California as the den of the car enthusiasts. Today, this is one of the largest markets for personal vehicles across the US. Hence, the global leaders in automobiles always prefer this market to launch the latest models of their cars. Here come the statistics that will establish the claim in favor of this state.

  • Sacramento: this is a metropolitan city in California, housing around 2.1 million residents, accommodating themselves in 811,543 occupying themselves in 811,543 units. In Sacramento, around 187,149 housing units possess 3 or more cars.
  • San Diego: consolidating the standing of California further in terms of the passion and enthusiasm about the possession of personal cars, around 24% of the total tally of 1,111,739 occupied housing units in the metropolitan have ownership of 3 or more personal vehicles. The average rate in this regard is far ahead of the national average for families having ownership of as many cars.
  • San Jose: with about 647,891 occupied housing units across this city, almost 27% of the units house 3 or above personal cars. The total population here as on date is around 2 million.
  • Inland Empire: with more than 28% of the total occupied houses possessing 3 or more cars, Inland empire tops the list for the maximum ownership of personal cars in California. Inland Empire also finds a place in the same list on the national perspective.

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Virginia- the stiffest competitor of California in terms of the ownership of personal cars

This southeastern state offers stiff competition for California, in terms of the ownership of personal cars. Here, you will find cities like  Virginia Beach- Norfolk that records around 145,090 occupied houses to possess 3 or more personal vehicles. Another major name in this regard is that of Richmond that features more than 25% of the total occupied housing to hold ownership of 3 or more vehicles.

As tabulated by WikiLawn, n addition to the cities stated above, Denver and Birmingham with around 23% of the total occupied houses in each of these cities, possessing 3 or more cars are major names to be included in this list. Nashville and the Salt Lake City are other names that will deserve places for inclusion in this tally as well. No wonder, the majority of the Car manufacturers from the US as well as other parts of the globe, pick these markets as the destination to introduce the pilot batches of their latest models of personal cars.

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