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All Used Up: Only 7% Claim To Trust Used Car Market

Now you would have thought dodgy car salesman were a thing of the past and that memories of Arthur Daley (ask your dad) were long gone. Even so, data from Auto Trader’s Market Report states that just 7% of buyers trust the used car market. Yes, 7%. This data is bound to rock the used car sector, especially as it’s trusted less 11% less than the finance industry and and 4% less than estate agents. Ouch.

Learning from experience

Mind you, I can see where they are coming from – I won’t name where I got my current car from as I’m not that kind of person but what I will say is that the person I bought it from was a (this comment has been removed as it’s far too rude to print and there only so many *s to be used). Right, let’s get back on track on a more professional and impartial tact.

What else does Auto Trader’s Market Report reveal?

Out of the 5,000 asked, 20% of buyers found information from used car sellers vague and of this 20%, 42% said this made the process more stressful and 41% said this made the buying process longer. Lack of transparency is also a big problem for buyers, because of this 38% decided to go elsewhere and 36% delayed or even put off buying the car altogether.

Andy Bruce, CEO of Looker Plc, said: “consumers want to be in control of the buying process and we fully recognize and encourage that. We believe our role is to provide as much information and advice as we can to allow them to make an informed choice, so it’s about helping people to buy, as opposed to selling to them. Transparency and honesty are key to this aim.”

Source: Newspress/Auto Trader

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