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Used vs. New: The Pros and Cons

This is the age-old dilemma that has been raging for decades. It’s the decision that many car buyers are faced with when they want to buy a car. Here are the pros and cons of each option.

Buying a Used Car


Used cars retain their value very well. So, if you’re one of those people who buy a new car every year or so, it can be a great idea to buy a used model. This means that when you come to sell the car, the price you get for it won’t be too much less than what you originally paid for it. That’s the major benefit of used cars with could value retention. Used cars can also be picked up at very low prices if you scour the internet and find people who are looking to sell their car for low prices on auction sites. You have to keep your eyes peeled if you want to spot a bargain, but it can be done.

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Used cars are not as reliable as new ones. This is the main drawback that you face. You can do your homework and make sure that you’re buying a car that’s pretty reliable. But there is no way to deny the fact that the age of a car will mean it more likely to break down and need repairs. It’s just one of those things that you have to accept when you’re buying a used car. You can buy a used car that is still relatively young in terms of its manufacture date though. This will lower the chances of a breakdown considerably. Learn more at TraversAutos.com about the best used cars for people looking for reliability.

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Buying a New Car


The good thing about buying a new car is that, well, it’s new. This means that it will be great to drive, it will have all the mod cons, and it should be reliable and trustworthy for a long time to come. If you can afford to buy one, you will enjoy the experience of driving a car that has never been driven before. The driving experience so much more fresh and fun when you do this. Driving safe in the knowledge that you have a manufacturer guarantee to back you up if something goes wrong is great too. Many new cars are more fuel efficient than older ones too, so you could save some cash in the long-term.

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New cars are great, as I outlined above. But don’t let that shiny car body and new car smell fool you! There are many reasons why you shouldn’t get a new car. The most important of them all is the fact that new cars depreciate in value so rapidly. It’s a cliche, but new cars really do start dropping in value dramatically as soon as you drive them off the forecourt. This is a problem that you simply don’t face when you are buying a used car because the bulk of that depreciation has already happened. They are also a lot more expensive to buy than a used car for obvious reasons.

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