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Vaping While Driving: Is It Safe?

Today, in the era of tremendous progress cars are extremely popular. In the United States, for example, the rate of car ownership equals 0.76 per person and 1.95 per household. In the United Kingdom, the rate is 0,81 per person and 1,41 per household. Canada shows similar results: 0,68 per person and 1,5 per household. The tendency to increase the number of owned cars leads to traffic jams’ issues and a couple of more questions related to safety and law.

Another conspicuous trend is vape device usage. It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of vaping. Even young children know what the activity is and how the device works. Official data say that about 5% of adults currently consume vaping devices in the United States. The numbers of vapers in other countries do not differ much, which boosts the culture and manufacturers to grow. Vaping today is the activity for everyone and it unites everyone around the activity.

How Are The Trends Combined?

In fact, vaping captures many spheres of human life. People, all over the world, start using devices and age, nationality, gender, or other factors do not make any difference. With the increasing number of cars on the roads and people vaping, it is not difficult to leap to the conclusion that many of those who drive a car are vapers as well. The main task of the article is to answer the question, whether vaping in a car is safe, and drivers can use vaping devices in the car legally. To answer these questions, firstly it is important to gain insight into what vaping device is and how many types of it exist in this world.

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Vaping Devices: An Impressing Variety?

The majority of us know that before the best vape tanks (https://vapingdaily.com/vape-tanks/) existing there were some apparatus, which are more similar to cigarettes than to contemporary vaping devices. The history of vapes is not long, so it is quite easy to follow the development of the first vape to modern days. Firstly, it is Joseph Robinson, who suggested an idea of electronic cigarette, then, in 1963, Herbert Gilbert presented his smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. However, it was only 2003, when a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik came up with the idea of e-cigarette that is known to us today.

Talking about pre-Lik’s era, mentioning the names of Joseph Robinson, Herbert A. Gilbert, and Phil Ray is crucial because they worked on an invention that led towards the changes in social, economic, and moral rules and norms. It is needed to develop an e-cigarette before discovering vape tanks or pod mods. Therefore, J. Robinson has patented the first model of e-cigarette, though it was hardly realized in real life. H. Gilbert made a step forward and created a number of prototypes of his invention. The only problem he faced was failed of commercialization. P. Ray is the one, who made the word ‘vape’ used, he made several commercial devices, which in fact were not electronic, but catered to the needs of both science and public.

Firstly, the invention of Hon Lik was aimed at helping people quitting smoking. Being a smoker himself, Mr. Lik strived at the creation of a ‘magic pill’ that would be able to recover from cigarette addiction. Quite soon – in 2006 – the contrivance was introduced in Europe and the United States. Quite soon, it was found that an e-cigarette does not help with nicotine recession, but the process has already spread out. Secondly, new devices were developed. These were the ones with the best vape tank for flavor, they were bigger in size in comparison to the previous generation and were rechargeable, not disposal.

Thirdly, the users aimed at changing the design of the device, because saw vapes as part of their everyday look. That was the reason for manufacturers to start compete for clients with the outer look of vaping devices. Fourthly, as people were satisfied with the opportunity to vape greatly, they started adding functional power to the devices. In most cases, they did it with their own hands, which led to various tragic stories. This boosted the inventors to create a vape pod, which allowed modifications of power. In these modifications, the vape does not look conventionally, you find, for example, vape tanks of various shapes and colors.

The Problematic Issues That New Inventions Bring

Coming back to the roots of the main question. Firstly, it is useful to list the most evident facts of harm of vaping while driving. In fact, vaping as well as eating, drinking, using a smartphone disturbs the driver from the road and relaxes his attention, which is definitely not good for a driver and passengers.

Using any type of liquid in your vape tanks makes the other passengers – second-hand vapers, which is even more than extremely dangerous, in case they are kids. Vapour produced from any type of the best vape tank can change the color of the upholstery and other elements. They simply become yellowish and smell.

One of the theoretical problems that may arise roots in the composition of the substance that you put into your best vape tank. Liquids are always some chemicals and this might negatively influence the physical and mental condition of the driver. An allergy might declare, or a nicotine boost can disrupt the heart, and so on.

Last, but never least fact is that producing too much vapor (which is possible according to a number of vaping tank reviews) can impair the clear view. Most of the modern devices possess some functions that help to increase the amount of vapor. I hope that there is no need to explain why this can lead to an accident.

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The Legal Side Of The Problem

The United States has no clear laws that determine the relation between vaping and driving, but there exist a law (texting and driving law, Article 33, Section 1225-D), where it is stated that the use of electronic handheld devices is not allowed while driving a car. In fact, the precedent since 2014 shows that the notion ‘electronic handheld devices’ includes vaping devices as well.

In the UK, it is possible to go under prosecution for driving while vaping. As it was mentioned above, vapor can obstruct your vision, therefore the authorities decided to impose penalties on this activity in order to avoid crashes. In some cases, a fine might reach up to £2,500, or you can get a ban. Earlier, similar rules concerned those, who have a child as a passenger.


Vaping is not a harmless hobby, though each person can make her or his own choice on the question. However, when it comes to driving, it is strongly recommended to avoid vaping. In this case, the question is not only about your life, but also about the lives of those, sitting in your car, and those driving other cars around you.

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