Varla Commuter Pegasus Electric Scooter: The Eco-Friendly And Stylish Ride You Need

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular because they allow for greater mobility with minimal exertion. Electric scooters remove the need for physical exertion and move using electric power from the inbuilt rechargeable batteries, making them an excellent substitute for your car or bicycle for short-distance rides.

The Varla Commuter Pegasus motor scooter is one of the best E-scooter options out there.  Whether traveling to and from work or school, running errands, or just wanting to get around town more efficiently, this high-quality scooter electric  is the way to go.

The Pegasus has a unique design with two 500W motors, great breaks, and an LCD that gives you minute-by-minute updates on your adult scooters. It also features tire technology that literally needs no maintenance.

This article will closely examine the Varla Commuter Pegasus electric scooter and discuss its features and benefits. We’ll talk about its strong motors, extended battery life, sleek and attractive design, and several safety measures.

 Who Is The Varla Pegasus Best For?

This electric scooter is designed for both beginner and experienced riders. The sleek design appeals to young riders, and its sturdiness suits all weight categories.

As long as you are qualified to ride the best electric scooter, the Pegasus is designed for you.

Although, Varla Scooters specify that the Pegasus is designed for regular street rides. Unlike the Eagle One, which is much more targeted at offroaders, the Pegasus targets a more casual crowd. This doesn’t make the Pegasus a boring e-scooter. Check out some of its cool specs.

Pricing And Affordability

Before selecting an e-scooter, the primary concern is its price. If a product s unaffordable, you simply cannot get it, no matter how great its perks are.

Thankfully the Pegasus is reasonably priced at about $1300. For this price, you have the following specs:

  1. Motor: Dual 500w Hub Motor
  2. Battery: 48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery
  3. Range: 28 Miles / 45 KM
  4. Top Speed: 28 MPH / 45 KM/H
  5. Display: LCD backlight
  6. Brakes: Dual Disc Brake
  7. Tires: 8” Solid Fat Rubber Tires
  8. Weight: 30 kg / 66lb
  9. Waterproof Rating: IP54

Read on to see how these premium parts allow the Pegasus to be one of the best commuter dual motor electric scooter deals in this price range.

Design And Features Of The Varla Pegasus E-Scooter

The Pegasus is designed to handle day-to-day activities without any issues. It is one of the most sturdy commuter adult scooters on the market, thanks to the durable materials chosen in its makeup.

1. Frame And Build Quality

The Pegasus stands out from the crowd of dual-motor scooters because it is styled and rides more like a cruiser than a rocket.

The teal swingarms, silver deck, gray and black grips, and red accents give it a one-of-a-kind look. The combination of hues makes the design appear more artsy than athletic.

The Pegasus’s IP54 rating makes it suitable for any weather, making it an excellent daily driver. If you must ride in the rain, be cautious when making sudden stops or starts, as solid tires are more difficult to control in the wet.

2. Tires And Suspension

The Pegasus is fitted with 8-inch puncture and traction-proof rubber tires, which allow for reduced maintenance cost as these tires have increased life spans and would require extra effort to destroy.

The Pegasus allows the user to digitally neuter the long range electric scooter when necessary. This means you have the power to reduce the power output of the electric motors so the machine can run slower and you can avoid mishaps. This is an excellent feature for beginner riders.

The suspension in the Pegasus is firm, which is not the best thing. Softer suspension allows for dampened and smoother rides. The stiff suspension included means you are more likely to feel the unevenness of the road.

3. Brakes

Two disc brakes on the Pegasus must be adjusted before the electronic scooter can be ridden. There was a problem with the rear brakes, specifically that the caliper was making contact with the rotor instead of the inner pad. Although once calibrated, the braking proved surprisingly effective.

The Pegasus’s breaking was excellent. In our test, it was able to come to a complete stop in just 9.2 meters from a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Achieving a complete halt in such a small space is remarkable and helpful in avoiding collisions and other mishaps.

4. Display And Controls

The Pegasus includes an LCD panel that shows the current speed, charge level, and other important information about the adult scooter. The panel is really bright and very contrasty meaning you can see the information displayed quite clearly.

Performance And Riding Experience

The Varla Pegasus is a significant upgrade if you’re coming from a low-end scooter like the Lime or Bird scooter. Thanks to the premium parts and top-class engineering from the designers at Varla.

Below are the various sections that describe the experience of riding in the Pegasus.

1. Speed

The Pegasus is very quick and can reach top speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. It is however important to note that this top speed was only reached when the battery is fully charged. The adult scooter automatically reduces power output to the motor to increase range when the battery is low.

A rider’s weight is also a significant factor to think about. Varla markets the Pegasus to people who wish to cut down on time spent doing errands and going to the gym. It looks better than your typical city long range electric scooter rental, and the features it boasts are just as impressive.

2. Range

Thanks to the improved battery technology Varla has equipped the Pegasus with very capable batteries that allow the machine to reach up to 18 miles on one charge.

Varla is so confident in its batteries that they include a warning that owners should ensure that the battery is fully charged at least once a month. Indicating that the batteries are so good, users might forget to fully charge the machine.

3. Comfort And Handling

The Pegasus is just as comfortable as any premium adult scooter.  However, all riders must be aware that the steering of the Pegasus is quite stiff. Driving in crowded areas can be risky since you can’t suddenly avoid an unsuspecting pedestrian.

4. Climbing

The Pegasus’s ability to ascend hills with surprising swiftness surprised us when it took just 9.4 seconds to reach the peak of our 200-foot, 10%-average-grade test hill, traveling at an average speed of 14.3 miles per hour.

5. Noise

The Pegasus is an electric vehicle meaning it is an extremely silent piece of tech. Apart from the electric motors and the sound of the tires constantly rolling on the ground, the pegasus makes no sound at all.


The Pegasus is exceptionally well-designed. It also churns out impressive stats for the price, but its construction and handling are subpar. That’s not to say it is a bad product, on the contrary, this dual motor electric scooter is probably the best value for your money giving you premium performance.

It has some great qualities for city life, such as low-maintenance tires, a lovely deck, and a sweet display, but it isn’t lightweight or compact enough for last-mile transfers to other types of transit. Although it is not the most durable bike, it is a good option for riders on a budget who prioritize speed (on suitable terrain).

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