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Range Rovers for the new James Bond Film Have Been Stolen

Sadly there has been a set back for the latest James Bond film, Spectre. 9 custom cars built specifically for the new film were stolen from a garage near Düsseldorf.

5 Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Stolen

All we know so far is 5 of the cars were Land Rover Range Rover Sports. The Range Rovers were being shipped to The Alps to start filming next week. Currently The Times reports that the police have no leads on the theft.

We are aware of the theft of a number of Range Rovers in Dusseldorf, Germany – Land Rover UK
This is a criminal act and the police are carrying out a full investigation – Land Rover UK

The theft of 9 cars must have been done by an organised crime gang, and chances are that this event will push the release date of the film back slightly.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Autobiography SMMT 2014 (15)

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