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Vegas Car Shows Are Back For 2022

Visit Las Vegas on the dates of some of the most exciting automobile shows taking place in 2022. We also look at alternatives for those who love fast cars and Vegas casino action.

The international auto show industry was badly impacted by the COVID19 pandemic, and countless expos were cancelled all over the globe. But car shows are back, at least partially, in many places, including annual favorites that take place in Las Vegas.

A quick look at the Las Vegas events calendar for 2022, shows that – without a doubt – Vegas cars shows are back on!

What’s There To Look Forward To?

For automobile fans, Las Vegas is truly a mecca when the city hosts its fantastic array of annual car shows.

If you’re thinking about visiting Sin City, then try and do so around the dates of upcoming shows so that you can enjoy something over and beyond the casinos, shows, concerts and other attractions that Vegas has to offer.

These are the dates worth noting:

April 1 – 3, 2022: Las Vegas International Auto Show

Booked for the Las Vegas Convention Center, visitors will be able to see 350 of the hottest new cars and trucks under one roof! Interactive displays, test-drive options, and the chance to sit and feel the latest makes and models, make this one of the best auto shows in the world.

April 14 – 17, 2022: Viva Las Vegas

Visit The Orleans Hotel and Casino to enjoy the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend and classic car show. All cars on display are strictly pre-1963 in a style for that era. Hundreds of cars are registered, and thousands visit the show each year.

April 16, 2022: RatCity Rukkus

An annual car and bike event, which features some of the best rat rod builders in the business. Rat rods, custom cars with a deliberate, unfinished appearance, showcase the builders’ imagination and talents, and the RatCity Rukkus allows them to show off their creations.

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What If I Miss The Dates Of The Scheduled Car Shows 2022?

You don’t have to be in Vegas exactly on the days of the scheduled automobile shows to enjoy the wonderful world of cars.

There are some excellent museums and tours that you can explore in Vegas, as well as unique experiences to enjoy – all of them themed on automobiles.

These are among the most popular:

Hollywood Cars Museum

Located in Hot Rod city, this museum showcases some of the most famous cars used in Hollywood movies and in well-known TV shows, including The Flintstones, Back to the Future and Robocop.

Nostalgia Streets Rods Museum

The ultimate collection of extraordinary cars and scooters from 1910 to 1965 is displayed in Vegas.

Shelby American Select Experience

Groups of up to 10 people get the attention of a personal guide who takes them through the Carroll Shelby Heritage Center. Highlights of the tour include signing the Shelby Signature wall, viewing the Shelby American modification shop, and receiving a swag bag of authentic merchandise.

Liberace Garage

The singer and actor, Liberace was the first to use automobiles on stage for many of his shows. The Garage houses the cars he used on stage when he performed at some of Vegas’ top resorts and music halls. Visitors can also rent cars from the Classic Rental Fleet, or get driven around in these 60’s-period automobiles.

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