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Vehicles To Get You Through The Winter Months

Sometimes we can find ourselves with a problem when the weather begins to turn during the winter months. I am sure many people will agree, you wake up in the morning, open the curtains and see white snow or ice, or just utter carnage on the roads. It can fill you with dread as you worry perhaps how you might get to work in one piece. While not all driving purchases should be based on the winter months, these days the bigger cars are actually quite enjoyable to drive throughout the year, while also serving a purpose during the bad weather and ensuring that the driveability stays in one piece. I wanted to share with you some of the brands and models of vehicles that are great for the adverse weather winter can bring, but also give you that desirable driving experience.

Let’s Talk About The Land Rover Range

Land Rover is by far one of the manufacturers that you would consider great in bad weather and through the winter months. However, they are also seen as a luxury brand and a statement vehicle. Whether you want to discover the Range Rover Velar, the Land Rover Discovery, or even some of the sporty Range Rover Evoque, you are definitely not to be disappointed by the models available at Pentland Land Rover. However, you may find that these vehicles are on the pricey side, but they could be worth the investment. 

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Could The Ford Range Keep You Moving?

Ford is seen as a real diverse manufacturer. From the city vehicles, you can get, the larger saloon Mondeo, perfect for business use. So the Kuga could be seen as the ideal SUV for the winter months. The model itself can come with a 2WD and an AWD drive function, which is perfect for the adverse weather you may find on the roads during the winter months. Ford, is definitely a great all-round manufacturer, and the vehicle is sleek looking. You also have the new Edge model which you may want to think about.

Should You Consider Some Of The Japanese Brands?

There are some excellent Japanese brands that can give you the type of SUV 4X4 vehicle that you want on the road during the winter. Mazda have the fabulous CX-5, Nissan has the Qashqai, they both are adaptable vehicles that work well on the road and give you a comfortable driving experience. Plus what you find with these brands is not only are they good value for money, but you also find the specification on them can far out weight some of the other luxurious brands, for example, Bose sound system and satellite navigation as standard.

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Is The BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine?

Finally, on the luxury end of things, much like the Land Rover, BMW promises to give you the ultimate driving machine. But does it deliver? Again the ride and driveability in adverse conditionsares good, but BMW does have the reputation for not being as strong in icy conditions as some of their counterparts.

Of course, if you are in the market for a car that you want to give you the peace of mind during the winter, the best advice would be to drive them and read plenty of reviews from current owners to ensure that you make the best decision for you.

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