VITESSE Force MTB WM Electric Bike Review

VITESSE Force MTB WM Electric eBike Review

These days, the way we transport ourselves is constantly falling into the spotlight. Cars are gradually becoming electrified and the impact they have on Mother Nature is under scrutiny, too. However, no matter how much we electrify cars, they still have their challenges that can’t be solved. In particular, there’s the concept of ‘last-mile’ transportation, which is typically a problem for bicycles, scooters and public transport to solve.

This is where newcomers like the VITESSE Force MTB WM electric bike come in. Just like any bike, it’ll go places where cars can never traverse, like a narrow dirt path in the countryside. Or, tight lanes or alleyways in cities and towns. Yet, unlike a regular bicycle, the inclusion of an electrified assist would at least help to minimise the discomfort and tiresome pedalling that you normally have to do.

Electrification To Help Move You Along – eBike

But… Is this VITESSE Force MTB WM electric bike any good? First, let’s take a deeper dive at the one thing it has, but other bicycles don’t – its electric assists. Here, you’ll find both a 250W motor and its accompanying 36V battery. Consequently, that does make it heavier than your average, non-electric mountain bike, at just over 21kg in mass. Still, at least the way it’s been integrated is rather neat.

The battery pack itself hides within the VITESSE Force’s frame, which sits flush against the rest of the bodywork. There’s a lock on the battery compartment, which allows you to remove the battery, and then charge it separately from the bike, if you need to. With that in mind, the official rating for its range is upwards of 60km to 70km. However, a more realistic figure from my real-world testing is around 30 miles.

For a bike, that’s not too bad, I find. Of course, this will depend heavily on how you ride your bike. In addition, what terrain it’s riding on, the speed of the bike, your body weight, and so on. With a more moderate approach to riding it – i.e. limiting your use of the pedal assist – I reckon that’s more than a typical bike ride would demand. Now, that 250W figure for the rear-wheel motor is rather crucial.

Owing to the laws around e-bikes here in the UK, an ebike can’t have motors that output any higher than 250W(average). Plus, they’re limited to a top speed of just 15.5mph. In short, the VITESSE Force is at the legal limit for how fast it can be. Another legal detail, FYI, is that all e-bikes have to be pedal-assisted. And spoiler alert, it’s a pretty fast machine, easily capable of testing that 15.5mph limit.

Could’ve Used Some Better Tyres

For now, let’s move on to the rest of the VITESSE Force first, starting with the bits and bobs that have to contend with all that electrified muscle. Being a mountain bike, it’s crucial that the tyres are up to par with the rest of the bike itself. On this unit, the tyres that I have here are a mix of on-road and off-road tyres. In practice, they’re not the best and feel more like a bad compromise of the two.

At the very least, the suspension is pretty good. It’ll comfortably maintain compliance of the bike on off-road terrains like grass, gravel, hills, or even kerbs. The brakes are also exceptionally powerful. As we begin discussing its performance, later on, this is absolutely essential given how fast it can go. Do bear in mind though, that the brakes are so good, in fact, that they can easily overcome the tyres.

Tap on the brakes too hard, and those not-so-good tyres will readily break traction. Therefore, you’ll have to be ultra cautious when you’re applying the brakes just so you don’t go skidding off the road thanks to the subpar tyres. With this, the VITESSE Force drives all that electric power through a 7-speed gearing system. The latter is pretty decent at modulating power while keeping it smooth.

Keeping The Pedal Assist Under Control

Another highlight of the VITESSE Force is its 4-inch central screen. Frankly, it’s as basic as it gets, but you’ll have more than enough information to make do with. You can find details like its battery level, your current speed, as well as a trip odometer. On top of that, it’ll show you the electric power assist level that you’re currently on. In total, there are five distinct power assist modes to choose from.

0 is reserved for no power assistance whatsoever. This is where it’ll default to you just pedalling the bike, which can feel a tad heavy to get it moving. It’s a constant reminder that you’re not riding any old mountain bike. From there, you can gradually notch up the pedal assist. It starts from 1 (Eco), 2 (Standard), 3 (Power), 4 (Speed) and then 5 (Handle). The higher the number, the stronger the pedal assist.

For me, I usually just stick the pedal assist all the way up to 5. To get it going, all you need to do is to pedal it a bit. Then, the motor will steadily kick in, before surging you onwards down the road. You’ll have to remember that this is a pedal-assisted e-bike. So, once you stop pedalling, the motor would disconnect, after which point you’ll be freewheeling from there. As I’ve mentioned, it’s pretty fast.

Although the legal limit is 15.5mph, you can still go faster than this. Albeit, the motor cuts out once you reach 15.5mph, so you’ll no longer get pedal assists beyond this point. But let’s talk more about that motor, because they’re pretty interesting. From all the info that I can find, the motor is rated officially at 250W. Nonetheless, I’ve seen it output around of 600W on that central display (when going fast and up a steep hill).

eBike – The More (Power), The Merrier

Granted, that high output will only be activated under select circumstances. For example, let’s say a hill gets in your way, and you need to pedal up it at a steady pace. What the VITESSE Force’s motor does now activates its higher power mode. Hence, ramping it up to 500-600W. This is to ensure that it could keep you going at such a steep incline, and have it shove you along.

That should make pedalling up a hill that much more effortless. Even on the steepest of slopes, it would still keep me going at a steady 10 to 15mph, without breaking a sweat. Naturally, that would drain the battery much faster. Sure, 15 and a bit mph doesn’t sound impressive on paper. In the real world though, owing to how the motor and pedal assist has been set up, it’s a huge difference.

With the VITESSE Force, you could be doing 15mph practically anywhere. As a whole, it’s a joy to use, whether you’re keen on attacking a bouncy dirt path, or just want to gently cruise on by. With all the time I’ve spent with it, it’s encouraged me to take a ride on the VITESSE Force even more. Their clever pedal assist system really does take away most of the gripes that regularly come with riding a bike.

The latter includes tackling steep hills or tiring yourself just to pedal. With an e-bike like this, the use of a motor and well-thought-out pedal assist could handily manage those laborious exercises. For its price – I originally bought it off of Aldi for £899.99 – the VITESSE Force is a great buy. And, you’ll get a lot for the money, too. It’s hard to make a good e-bike, but I’d say VITESSE nailed it with this one. The standard bike within the UK laws is great, however, it would be nice to have that top-speed motor unlocked and allow for a thumb throttle on the handlebars. Maybe it can be modified in time.


  • David Says

    Have there been problems with the battery detaching during use? If so is there a fix as I have this problem.

  • John Says

    I can’t get a spare battery for this bike. The distributor does not sell them even though it says in the manual and on the battery that they do.

  • Neil Says

    If they refuse to supply one your consumer rights and trade descriptions regulations entitle you to return it and get a full refund

  • Adrian Banner Says

    I have had mine a few weeks now, in which i’ve changed the tyres to Smart Sam’s, i’ve change the seat and the grips to ergon grips.. not its even better now.

    • It’s great to hear that you have been enjoying your VITESSE Force MTB WM Electric eBike for a few weeks now, Adrian! Making modifications like changing the tires to Smart Sam’s and upgrading the seat and grips to ergon grips can definitely enhance the overall riding experience. These personalized adjustments can greatly improve comfort and control, allowing you to fully customize the bike to your preferences.

      It’s always exciting when we can make small changes to our bikes and notice a significant difference in performance. By choosing tires that suit your specific needs and upgrading the contact points like the seat and grips, you have taken steps towards optimizing the eBike to meet your individual riding style.

      Thank you for sharing your modifications with us. It’s inspiring to see how a few simple changes can further enhance an already impressive electric bike like the VITESSE Force MTB WM. Enjoy your rides with the improved setup, and may you continue to have many more enjoyable adventures with your eBike!

  • Duggie Says

    I keep getting an error message on the display error 24. when the cable detaches itself. I found the answer on Youtube the help line were not helpful. I am worried that this has happened every time I use it should I return the bike?

    • I understand your frustration with the error message you’re receiving on your VITESSE Force MTB WM Electric eBike. It can be quite concerning when technical issues arise, especially if they occur consistently. While I’m glad you found a potential solution on YouTube, it’s unfortunate that the help line wasn’t helpful in this case.

      Returning the bike may be a valid option to consider, especially if the cable detachment issue persists every time you use it. It’s essential to have a reliable and functional eBike that meets your expectations and provides a smooth riding experience. Before making a decision, you might want to double-check the warranty or return policy of the manufacturer or retailer from whom you purchased the bike. This step will ensure you understand your options and any potential costs involved.

      If returning the bike is a viable option, it would be wise to explore it further. Alternatively, you may also reach out to other eBike enthusiasts or forums to gain additional insights and advice on resolving the error message issue. They might have encountered similar problems and could offer helpful suggestions or workarounds.

      Ultimately, it’s important to have a bike that you can rely on and enjoy without constant technical difficulties. I hope you find a satisfactory solution to your current situation and can soon enjoy trouble-free rides on your eBike.

  • Louise Says

    The battery on mine has failed – it’s not charging at all. Have tried calling number on battery and the retailer were purchased but with no luck.
    Any ideas where to source a replacement battery?

    • Rae Castillon Says

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your VITESSE Force MTB WM Electric eBike’s battery. It must be frustrating not being able to charge it and not finding assistance from the retailer or the battery manufacturer.

      In situations like this, it’s always best to reach out directly to the manufacturer of the eBike. They should be able to provide you with the most accurate information on where to source a replacement battery for your specific model. They might also be able to troubleshoot the issue further and help you resolve it.

      If you haven’t already, try reaching out to VITESSE directly via their customer support channels. They should be able to guide you in the right direction and ensure you find a compatible replacement battery for your eBike. It’s always a good idea to have your eBike’s model and serial number on hand when contacting customer support, as it can help expedite the process.

      I hope you are able to find a solution for your battery issue soon, and that you can get back to enjoying your VITESSE Force MTB WM Electric eBike.

  • ian Says

    what do I have to do to make my vittesse force bike go faster

    • Rae Castillon Says

      To make your Vitesse Force bike go faster, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure you are using the appropriate gear for the terrain you are riding on. Shifting to a higher gear will allow you to pedal faster and increase your speed. Additionally, you can try adjusting the electric assistance level on your eBike. Increasing the assistance level will provide more power to the motor, which can help you achieve higher speeds. However, do keep in mind that different eBike models have different maximum speeds, so it’s important to stay within the legal limits and prioritize safety while riding.

  • Gill Says

    Duplicate battery key need if any idea pls share me

    • Rae Castillon Says

      Hi Gill,

      To get a duplicate battery key for your VITESSE FORCE MTB WM ELECTRIC EBIKE, you should follow these steps:

      Contact the Manufacturer or Retailer: Reach out to the manufacturer of the electric bike or the retailer where you purchased it. They may be able to provide a replacement key or direct you to the appropriate source.

      Check the Manual: Look in the user manual or any accompanying documentation that came with the electric bike. There might be information on how to obtain a duplicate key.

      Online Parts Retailers: Search online for electric bike parts retailers. Some of them may offer replacement battery keys for various e-bike models.

      Local Bike Shops: Visit local bicycle shops or e-bike specialty stores in your area. They might have access to replacement keys or be able to assist you in finding a solution.

      Locksmith: In some cases, a locksmith with experience in electric bike locks might be able to help you create a duplicate key. Be sure to bring the original key and any relevant information about the lock.

      Customer Support: If all else fails, contact the customer support or service department of the manufacturer. They should be able to provide guidance on how to obtain a replacement key.

      Remember to provide all necessary information about your electric bike, such as the model, serial number, and any details about the lock, to ensure you get the correct replacement key.

    • Pau Says

      Look on aliexpress.. You can get new lock with 2 new keys for around £10…

  • Timothy John Stephenson Says

    Am travelling in Morocco and my vitesse force has failed. It won’t turn on, all the fields on the display illuminate but instead of going to the usual screen they stay on for about 20 seconds then just a 31 and maintain flash in the bottom right box for a further 20 seconds before turning off? Then it won’t do anything until the battery is disconnected and reconnected, but it just does the same.
    Anyone any idea what’s going on. Just done 700 miles total.
    Help… Tim.

    • Hi Tim, Sorry to hear you are having these issues. I cant way I have come across this fault. Hopefully another other can comment on this issue and help you. Don’t forget to contact the manufacturer if you are still in warranty.

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