Volkswagen Announces “GTI Coming Home” Event for Fans from 2024

The GTI community has been eagerly waiting for news about the annual GTI Meeting at Lake Wörthersee, which was recently discontinued. Volkswagen has now announced that from 2024, the “GTI Coming Home” event will take place in Wolfsburg, near the Volkswagen plant. This new event format will offer enthusiasts and fans of sporty Volkswagen models an exciting opportunity to come together and celebrate the iconic brand. Here are the details:

The GTI Community

The GTI community has been growing since the introduction of the first Golf GTI almost half a century ago. Fans all over the world continue to celebrate the cult brand and meet regularly in clubs and exchange information with each other in dedicated communities.

New Event Format

Volkswagen plans to integrate the GTI community and other scene partners into the “GTI Coming Home” event. The company wants to hear ideas from the fans to ensure that the event is a meeting for them. Volkswagen promises highlights and surprises for the coming year.

Ideal Location

The Wolfsburg location offers ideal prerequisites for welcoming a large number of visitors with their vehicles. The areas and infrastructure in Wolfsburg are perfect for hosting the event.

Exciting Events and Surprises

The event will include vehicle presentations, stage shows, and club meets, as well as many other interesting events and surprises for GTI enthusiasts.

Sustainable Mobility

Volkswagen is committed to sustainable mobility, and the company’s all-electric models ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.6 are successful. Last year, Volkswagen delivered more than 330,000 all-electric vehicles to customers worldwide. The company is advancing its further development into the most desirable brand for sustainable mobility with its ACCELERATE strategy.


The “GTI Coming Home” event promises to be an exciting opportunity for fans of sporty Volkswagen models to come together and celebrate the iconic brand. Volkswagen is committed to ensuring that the event is a meeting for fans and will include exciting events and surprises. Stay tuned for more information about the “GTI Coming Home” event from Volkswagen in Wolfsburg in 2024.

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