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Volkswagen Golf GTE – Taking a Closer Look

I recently missed a chance to have a first drive of the Volkswagen Golf GTE at the SMMT drive day. I did however manage to have a great chat with the Press Team about the updates and benefits of the GTE, and took some pictures of the car along with a quick bit of video. As we hopped in the car to take it off to the test track, we were informed that it had just been closed (a little earlier than I expected I might add).

Volkswagen Golf GTE

Sadly I only got to drive 500 metres in the GTE, however I was very impressed with everything I learnt about the GTE and think that it is great to see all this exciting electric technology come to the hot hatch market.

Volkswagen Golf GTE 19

Volkwagen Golf GTE Performance

The Golf GTE has a 1.4 litre 150bhp turbocharged TSI engine. Using both electronic and petrol power the GTE is capable of delivering 204bhp to a range of approximately 580 miles. One benefit of the electric mode is that it allows the driver to gain instant full torque.

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With highly advanced electronic systems and using an 8.8 kWh Li-ion battery, you are able to charge the car fully in just 3.75 hours. For high-end energy efficiency, the car has electromechanical brakes and an electric compressor for air conditioning. The fully charged battery allows a comfortable ride in the electric mode for up to 31 miles, offering a maximum speed of 81mph.

Volkswagen Golf GTE 7

Stylish Interior 

Inside there are blue accents replacing the GTI’s usual red. This includes blue stitching on those awesome tartan pattern seats. There is also an 8 inch screen as standard with DAB radio, sat nav and some nice GTE specific features, like notification of charging points and destinations available within electric range.

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