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Volvo Amazon Prime Now Test Drivers

Innovative Volvo becomes first Car Company in UK to offer ‘Prime Now test drives’ with Amazon.

Now you can experience the luxury of a brand new Volvo V40, delivered straight to your door by a professional expert, ready for you to test drive at your own convenience. Members of Amazon’s super-fast delivery service ‘Prime Now’ are becoming able to try-out one of Volvo’s family hatch-back models at a time and place which suits them. This partnership between the world’s largest online retailer and the Swedish automotive manufacturer will be a first in the UK, and will run from the duration of June until July. It is open to Amazon customers in selected cities across the country, and will allow them to have the cars delivered directly to their home or workplace according to their preference.

Volvo Amazon Prime Now

Volvo Amazon Prime – Volvo Cark UK

The scheme of the forward-thinking car company, which runs for a limited time only, was started in order to give motorists the best in simplicity and low inconvenience. Jon Wakefield, a managing director at Volvo Cark UK stated: “We’re proud to team up with Amazon to deliver this unique initiative, the first of its kind in the UK and the latest in a range of offerings from Volvo designed to take the hassle out of running a car.”

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Prime Now Test Drive

The ’Prime Now test drive’ initiative comes only a few months after the introduction of Care by Volvo, a new and easy subscription service combining the full ownership package of a car into one convenient monthly payment, minus the up-front cost.

Volvo Amazon App

By using the Amazon app or by going online via a desktop, customers can book a time slot of up to 45 minutes in which to experience driving the stylish V40 model. The process requires them filling out the address of the location where they want the car to be delivered to, and only takes a couple of minutes at most.

Volvo Amazon Prime Now

Volvo Professional To Accompany The Car

A Volvo professional will accompany the customer at all times in the car, where they can experience driving the V40 in a locality which is known to them. The customer can also have the specifications of the module fully explained to them during the process, such as the V40’s parking sensors and Volvo’s City Safety System.

Make People’s Lives Easier

One of Volvo’s managing directors also released the statement that at: “At Volvo Cars, we aim to make people’s lives easier. Our ‘Prime Now test drive’ offer does just that, allowing potential customers to try our V40 on their terms and in familiar surroundings.”

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Volvo Amazon Prime – UK Big Cities

The offer specified to the contemporary V40 hatchback, is available to customers living in four UK big cities across certain weekends. These include; London from 9-10th of June, Birmingham 16-17th June, Manchester 23-24th June, and Edinburgh from June 30th to July 1st. Customers living outside these designated areas can test drive the latest Volvo range, including the V40, at their local Volvo retailer.

Volvo Amazon Prime Innovation

If the customer is interested in purchasing the vehicle following the test drive, they will be directed to their nearest Volvo retailer. The pricing of the car starts from £21,410 upwards. More information can be found at

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