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Vote For The Name Of Ferrari’s 2014 F1 Car

Ferrari recently announced that the car that will take on the revolutionary 2014 Formula 1 season will be unveiled on Saturday, January 25, with the name of the car being announced on Friday, January 24.  The return of turbocharging makes this arguably the most highly anticipated season in years as many fans expect the collective inexperience in regards to turbocharged F1 engines to shake things up quite a bit.  This season should be exactly what followers of F1 have been begging for.

There may be no fan more zealous about the new season than that of Ferrari.  Ferrari has been Red Bull Racing’s most formidable competitor and the biggest nuisance in Sebastian Vettel’s side mirrors in the past years.  With no one quite sure of who will be the favourite this season, it would seem that this may be Ferrari’s best shot at the title for quite some time, lest we forget a man by the name of Kimi Raikkonen returning to Maranello.

Around the Corner

As this new season draws ever closer, Scuderia Ferrari has given fans a very unique opportunity.  On Ferrari’s website, the Italian sports car brand has provided fans with five names to choose from, and when the new name is revealed next Friday, the name with the highest amount of votes will be the name of Scuderia Ferrari’s 2014 F1 car. Fans can pick from the names ‘F14 T,’ ‘F14 Maranello,’ ‘F14 Scuderia,’ ‘F166 Turbo,’ ‘F616’, and are allowed to vote up to five times.

At the time of writing, ‘F14 T’ and ‘F166 Turbo’ are all knotted up at 29% of the votes.  If you’re as nostalgic as I, the name ‘F14 T’ makes you think of the 312 T, while the name ‘F166 Turbo’ just sounds right.

Vote For The Name Of Ferrari’s 2014 F1 Car Now

If you would like to have a say in the name for Ferrari’s 2014 F1 car, go to the Ferrari website to cast your vote. Don’t forget you can vote up to 5 times!

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