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Watch a Bentley Bentayga Go Off-Road

Not that many of us would ever expect to drive a Bentley off-road, but with the release of the Bentayga we can now do just that. Bentley have been making sure its upcoming crossover can perform capably when off the beaten track.

This video shows the Bentayga’s 4-wheel drive system in action, and you can see the wheels braking independently when needed. You will notice the SUV’s exterior is covered in cladding, this is to disguise the car but you still get an idea of the shape.

Bentley Bentayga Goes Off-Road

The Bentayga will not go on sale until 2016, but the Bentley has been spied testing all over the world. We have heard that there are over 4,000 interested customers lined up as of earlier this year, meaning that the Bentayga should be a success for Bentley.

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