Ways to Make Used Tires and Wheels Look New and Unique

Are you aware that better-looking tires can improve the general appearance of an old car? Yes, this is possible and it’s one effective trick to improve the value of a car before selling it. Generally, people don’t like buying cars with badly-looking wheels and tires. Considering that the tires and wheels are one of the first things that buyers see, you have to make them look better than they are. You need to invest in a few refurbishing techniques that will make them look new and unique.


When used tires have a flaky finish, they have to be smoothened before anything else. You can use a power sander, sandpaper, or any other sanding agent that you like. You don’t have to sand the entire wheel but just the crannies and the nooks. As soon as the sanding is over, you have to wipe off the dust as you prepare for subsequent techniques.

Primer Spraying

After your tires are properly sanded, you need to spray them with an effective primer. Target the crannies and the nooks that you have sanded. You need to cover the rim when you spray the primer and you can use index cards or a painter’s tape. This method is important if you are not planning to replace your tires soon.


This is a repair process that enables you to give new life to your used tires. It involves techniques like skiving (removing the old casing), building (applying an adhesive), and curing (placing a new rubber casing). This process is done with experts since it’s complicated. Besides, they are the ones with the necessary tools. In the end, very few people will tell the difference between the retreaded tires and new ones.


Buffing is meant to get rid of old tread and to prepare your rims for new ones. You’ll need a buffing machine and a buffing agent. If the rims are aluminum, you need to get an aluminum buffing agent. You have to rub the agent on the rim and apply a slight pressure. You should repeat the process severally until you get the results that you want.


Since your used tires have lost their color, you can repaint them. You can either maintain their original color or change it to appear unique. You also need to repaint your rims so that they can also appear new. The paint should give your tires and wheels a metallic finish.


Lastly, you should give the tires and wheels a shiny look. There are two great ways to do this. First, you can use castor oil. But first, you have to wash the tires and wheels with warm water and soap. Secondly, you can spray the tires with a neutralizer (a baking soda-dilute hydrochloric acid mixture).

Before you give up on your old tires, you should try the above techniques. They are practical and effective in promoting the general appearance of your car. In addition, a majority of them are cheap hence convenient for a DIY refurbishment.

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