The Weekend Garage: Widowmakers

There are certain cars that your mother would prefer you drive.  You know the ones.  Safe, economical, reliable, easy to park… all those attributes that mark off each box on the checklist of practicality.

Then there are the cars that you – the diabolical little speed addict you are – would rather drive.  High-powered, boisterously loud, capable of scalding streets and leaving coppers frenzied in your smoky wake.  The sorts of cars that your mother has had nightmares of ever since your first dicey experience with a pedal car.  Some may call them widowmakers, but those of us with veins blackened by petrol might consider them more of a lively afternoon.

After years of cloaking timber with crumpled sheet metal, manufacturers have since been wise to provide car buyers with things like Traction Control and intricate safety systems that go so far as to stop the car for the driver. Considering today’s auto marques as an overprotective parent would be a fair assessment.

Such technologies are not only useful for maintaining vitality, they also allow performance drivers to get the most they can from the high-powered cars of this horsepower-mad motoring era.

However, the subject of this week’s Weekend Garage does not shine the spotlight on cars who have mastered traction control and other safety systems.  Instead, we ask you, if the decision of what to fill your dream garage with was yours, what perilous auto would you choose to strap yourself into for a spirited drive.  Leave a comment of which car you wish to barrel through a row of hedges in below.

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