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What Are Some Hidden Injuries That Can Occur In A Car Accident?

Being involved in a car accident can leave you feeling shaken and there are many injuries that can be sustained. While some injuries are obvious and present themselves immediately, there are also many potentially incredibly dangerous injuries that can be sustained even at a low-speed collision which people need to be aware of.

Why Injuries Are Hidden

Adrenaline is a powerful hormone which can mask immediate pain (so that people are able to get to safety even when they are injured). It is for this reason why many people do not feel the pain until a while after as well as why it can be difficult to recall what happened. In addition to this, some injuries are internal which means that it is not obvious that they have been sustained. This is why it is so important to get checked over after an accident even if you feel fine and it was not a high-speed crash.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are unfortunately common hidden injuries that can occur from a car accident either from the head whipping back and forth or striking something inside the car. These are known as traumatic brain injuries and can cause long-term damage, including forgetfulness, mood swings and personality changes. These can take months to develop, so you must be wary particularly if you had concussion, lost consciousness or have headaches after the accident.

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Joint Injuries

Joint injuries are common after a car accident but may not be obvious straight away. The heavy impact from a collision can put a tremendous amount of strain on joints throughout the body, but often the pain does not develop until sometime after the accident and when adrenaline has worn off. These often require medical treatment, so you need to make sure that you get checked over and tell specialists everything otherwise you’re increasing the chance of things occurring such as medical negligence.

Herniated Disc

Sometimes, the force of the accident can cause the tissue between the vertebrae to rupture or balloons out which can put pressure on and inflame the nerves coming out of the spine. Often this pain can take a while to develop, but can be extremely severe.

Psychological Injuries

It is not just physical injuries that can be endured and people will often have psychological injuries that can take some time to present themselves. PTSD is common and can impact every aspect of life, so for those that start to suffer mentally, it is vital that they seek help.

These are a few hidden injuries that motorists need to be aware of and look out for after an auto collision.

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