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What Can Ferrari Do To Improve Their F1 Positioning?

With new regulations in place throughout this year’s F1, many people are now looking back at the performance and how they may have affected performance. Betway recently talked to former F1 driver Karun Chandhok and got his thoughts on how things have been this year. He says that “Ferrari have just underperformed. They’ve not maximised the potential of their car, which is a frustrating thing, because they’ve actually got a very fast car.”

Ferrari In 2022

Although no one can predict the future of any F1 season, most are in agreement that something within the Ferrari set-up needs to change. 2022 saw the team in general make a number of strategic errors, which F1 fans feel could have been avoided. Karun Chandhok spoke about this in his chat with Betway and how he felt that previous team bosses would have made swifter changes and not put up the errors that have been made. This season saw Ferrari start the season with an amazing car so it certainly isn’t the vehicle that has let them down.

What Will We See In 2023?

Those into sports betting and following F1 odds will be keen to see Ferrari make some changes in their set-up and approach for the next F1 season. Many feel that the team and its bosses need to sit down and have an honest chat about what happened in the last season and how they can avoid similar mistakes. However, this will require drivers to admit when they made mistakes and that won’t be easy for some of them to do.

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We have seen some upgrades to the F1 Ferrari recently including a new floor. This appeared to change things immediately, possibly because it gave the team new confidence in the machine they were in charge of. This made such a difference that another floor upgrade was implemented soon after. In 2023 fans will be hoping that the Ferrari team stay on top of vehicle developments in the same way – so that the drivers can be sure they always have the best technology on their side for each race.

A Replacement For Mattia Binotto

This week we have seen Mattia Binotto resign as the Principal of the Ferrari team, to mixed response from F fans. It is thought that he has quit after failing to lead the team to victory over recent months. However, his resignation has led to some complications for the team; who will want to be concentrating on how they can be successful in 2023 above anything else. As yet there is no real indication as to who will take over from him, but we do know that his predecessor will be expected to go in all guns blazing and do whatever it takes to ensure Ferrari is as successful as possible.

As for improving their F1 positioning, it is going to be a combination of great new leadership, timely vehicle developments and some honesty from the team about what went wrong in 2022 and how this can be changed.

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