What Is An Oil Filter For, When To Change And How To Change It

The Oil Filter From Mann-Filter: Which Cars Is Suitable

It is a device to remove contaminants from your car’s engine oil. It helps to prevent your engine to get damaged by the dirt particles, soot or unburned fuel accumulated over time. The outside of the oil filter consists of a can with sealing gasket to stay attached to the engine’s matching surface. This can is completed with a perforated base plate that contains a central hole so the oil filter inside may work with the engine block. The filter is made up from cellulose
synthetic fibers.

All the oil enters the filter due to the engine’s pump force and reaches the fibers passing through the base plate holes. The particles are kept inside while the clean oil leaves through the central hole to go back to the engine.

When To Change Your Oil Filter?

Eventually, the oil filter of your vehicle should be replaced as it naturally will get clogged by dirt. Although the quality of your oil filer may delay this, you should change your oil filter as soon as you experience irregular signs of your car such as bad engine performance, sputtering, metallic sounds, dropping pressure, or dirty exhaust. To avoid those signs is recommended to change the oil filter regularly.

How To Change Your Oil Filter?

To change your oil filter, it is suggested to have handy a socket and ratchet, oil pan, and the new oil filter. Before starting, make sure to protect your hands and eyes. Also, it eases the process to run the engine beforehand so the oil warms and flows out smoothly and quickly. To start, locate the sump plug. Place the pan close to the sump plug and let the oil drain until all is out. Wipe the sump plug area and close. Then, remove the old oil filter holding it with the base plate up
because the filter would be full of oil. Carefully turn it down so its content pours into the waste container. Make sure no part of the old oil filter got caught up on the engine. Oil the new oil filter’s seal a bit and wind it up until the oil fuel is secure. Full the engine with the new oil properly. Start the car while checking for the oil indicator in the panel. When the oil indicator goes off, you are ready to go!

The Oil Filter Mann Filter W712

The Oil filter Mann filter w712 is produced by the German company Mann-Hummel, the largest European manufacturers of filtering elements specializes on the oil cleaning components production. Its size is 79 (height) x76 (diameter) mm. The filtering element material is
resistant to aggressive chemicals and high pressure and its precisely adjusted valves control an adequate flows of oil. The oil filter Mann-Filter W712 is installed in the car. It is suitable for Austin, Bedford, Ford, Innocenti, MG, Morris, Opel, Rover, Steyr and Vauxhall. Check the specific models in the ‘suitable vehicles’ tab.

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