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What Is Faster: A Car Or A Horse?

Obviously, you cannot compare the speed of a horse to a 200 mph car on a smooth road, but we are interested in a couple of other things such as getting off the line, distance, and much more.

The fastest ever recorded top speed for a horse is 55mph and the world record for the fastest quarter-mile run by a horse was 44 miles per hour, which is not very fast compared to other vehicles.

If we take the statistics from one of the most famous horse races in the world, the Kentucky Derby from the last 50 years, the fastest ever average speed was recorded by the famous Secretariat of 37.7 mph in 1973.

However, their speed is determined by many things such as surroundings, surface, climate, etc. For example, if we take a road car and put it in difficult terrain with mud and rocks, the horse will finish the course much faster than the car.

There are many comparisons between animals and humans no matter how strange they might look to you.

In fact, many people also compare humans to horses in terms of speed. Yes, the fastest running by a human was recorded by Usain Bold and reached 27 miles per hour. However, many people say that humans can outrun horses over a longer distance as horses cannot maintain their top speed for a very long time.

Actually, there is a race between humans and horses organized every year, where they run around 22 miles, and most of the time horses are victorious but humans also got their fair share of wins.

How Horses Are Better Than Cars?

Low Traffic Jams

When it comes to transportation, the biggest problem for overpopulated cities is traffic jams. Most of the time people are stressed and angry because they are stuck in overcrowded streets. This is also bad for the climate since there is higher environmental polluting where cars are stationary.

If you compare horses to cars then they are better when it comes to traffic jams since they take up little space. Additionally, they don’t have to be controlled by traffic lights since they can stop faster and eventually achieve lower high speeds than cars.

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No Pollution

As we mentioned before, environmental pollution is our biggest threat that is causing damage to our Ozone layer which leads to climate change and global warming. Additionally, pollution from cars can also cause respiratory diseases, asthma, cancer, and in some cases even heart disease. That’s why many car manufacturers are working on building electric cars.

On the other hand, horses don’t emit carbon monoxide, nor lead toxins which are the two components that are known to harm all living creatures. Some people say that they pollute the environment by producing manure, which is only the case if it falls on a hard surface with no soil.

Are Better On Rocky Surfaces

Even if you have the fastest car in the world, it won’t work on a rocky surface. If you live in the countryside or in a place full of rocks then a horse is the best option. Horse riding doesn’t require additional infrastructure like public roads. They can run effectively whether it is on rocky surfaces and open ground. They can even jump through obstacles like big stones or fallen trees and find a better path.

Horses Share A Close Bond With Humans

Some car lovers might argue that they share something with their cars, but at the end of the day, they are just machines with no feelings. On the other hand, horses share a bond with humans since the dawn of time.

At the end of the day, we need to express our feelings with other living things, and horses are some of the most loyal animals on the planet. If you ever owned a horse, you’ll know that the horse will be your trusted companion and never let you go.

To Sum Up

Obviously, there are many other ways cars are better than horses, such as long-distance travel, comfortability, practicality, safety, etc. However, horses on the other hand also have their benefits.

So, which is faster, a car or a horse? The answer to this question is, it depends.

If you are on smooth roads, cars will run circles around horses, but as soon as the terrain gets difficult the horses will outrun them. If you like horses as much as cars, learn more about the current odds of the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

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