What Is The Future of Motorsport?

If you are not into motorsports and someone provides you with the annual budget of the top sports teams in F1 racing then you will probably find it unbelievable as it in many cases can exceed the GDP of some of the smaller nations in the world. Inevitably the question will arise whether it is worth it and while the numbers do not make a lot of sense in the short term, it is actually beneficial in the long run.

Motorsport Develop Industry-Leading Technologies

Motorsport is always pushing the limits of engines and car design to make it as efficient and as safe as possible. The technologies developed along this front eventually trickle down into the consumer automobile industry and things like traction control, ABS, lightweight materials and airbags, hybrid technology, energy harvesting, and so many other cool features we use on a daily basis. At the pinnacle of four-wheeled motorsport is F1 and 2020 happens to be a big year for Formula 1 as it will be F1’s 70th anniversary.

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F1 Innovations

A lot of the technological innovations bought to life by F1 over the years are now an essential part of car manufacturing. A couple of good examples are hybrid technology and the use of aerodynamics to make cars more efficient. So, if you want to know what new innovation will become standard on road-cars in a few years then all you have to do is predict the new innovations that Formula 1 will bring over the few decades and that is where January’s Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK comes in.

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To predict the future you need Universities and the students form the crux of the brainpower that will usher in the new era of motorsports and that is why this event is all about giving them a platform to showcase what they think would be the direction that motorsports will take in the coming years.

Aptly named the ‘Motorsport in 2090’ project, it will allow the best minds from both academics and the fanbase to put forth their ideas of the new innovations that are on the way with regards to the design of future race cars, the design of race circuits, and the role racing car drivers will play in actually driving these cars as they become more and more technologically advanced.

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We stand on the edge of a great change in the way motorsports will be perceived and executed and this event will allow for some beneficial debate among some of the most prominent minds in the industry and future prospects. The event won’t be just limited to such debates and discussions but will also showcase new concepts related to the future of motorsports.

Another great aspect of this event will be a roundup of the Le Mans Esports Series. Esports has really become big over recent years and the gap between real-world racing and simulations has narrowed and Esports is only going to get bigger and become a more prominent part of motor racing in the future. The event will take place between 9th and 12th January of 2020 and promises to be very interesting to watch.

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