What Makes BMW a Unique Brand?

There are few automobile manufacturers more desirable than BMW. The hugely popular German manufacturer’s stylish vehicles are synonymous with class, elegance and sophistication which means that they appeal to people from all around the world. Here are a few of the reasons that this brand is so unique.

The Badge

The BMW badge is as iconic as they come and considered to be somewhat of a status symbol. The instantly recognizable circular blue and white symbol reflects the brand’s fascinating history as an aircraft manufacturer with the white representing the blades cutting through the blue sky.

Product Range

Another reason that this brand is so appealing is the wide range of products that are on offer. BMW manufacturer an automobile in practically every class but they also make motorcycles and vehicles for motorsport.

BMW i8 E Copper 11

Luxury Features

BMW is a brand that is known for luxury features. The interiors of their vehicles are more like lounges than car cabins with the use of plush materials, technology and plenty of interior space. 


You can even pick out a BMW without looking at the badge as their vehicles have an aesthetically pleasing style which is simple, elegant and sophisticated. This ensures that they turn heads wherever they go without being too bold or brash.


BMW vehicles also offer a superb performance with powerful engines. This ensures that they are enjoyable to drive and offer an excellent performance behind the wheel which will be key for those that regularly drive their vehicle.

BMW M3 CS 28


Safety is one of the key features of BMW vehicles which is another reason that they have remained so popular for so long. They always have the latest and best safety technology but the cars are also cleverly designed to maximize the safety of both driver and passengers at all times.

Where to Find One

Fortunately, due to their popularity it is never hard to find a BMW. As a luxury brand, they can be costly which is why so many people look to car finance deals from places like ZenAuto. This makes it much easier to afford a BMW which will always prove to be a smart investment.

BMW is one of the most desirable car brands in the world and they have a long history of creating vehicles which are the perfect combination of style, comfort, performance and safety. These luxury vehicles are somewhat of a status symbol and there is a type available for every type of motorist.

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