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What Sort Of Compensation Amounts Might You Expect After A Car Accident?

So you’ve been in a car accident, and you’re wondering about the amount of compensation you’re eligible for as a result of the physical and mental trauma you’ve suffered.

It’s a surprisingly common situation, and one which a lot of people struggle to get to grips with, especially when large sums of money hang in the balance.

To clear up any questions and address misconceptions, here is a look at the size of the settlement you might receive in the wake of auto collision-related injuries.

Understanding Averages

First of all, let’s talk about typical payouts for car accidents. Current averages for bodily injury sit at just over $20,000, although there are differences depending on which source you use for your statistics.

Even if you are not physically harmed in an incident, there’s still an average expected payout of just under $17,000. Meanwhile for those with tangible injuries, it’s closer to $30,000.

Settling Based On Severity

What makes the most difference to the amount of compensation that’s paid out after a car accident is the extent of the injuries suffered and their seriousness. And even if your vehicle is safe and reliable, a surprising amount of damage can be done during a collision. Let’s discuss a few common types and what settlements might look like.

Compensation After A Brain Injury

The most extreme form of injury involves brain trauma, and of course this can be life-changing and permanent.

For example, a $6 million settlement for a client who suffered a brain injury in a rear-end accident was achieved with help from an auto accident lawyer.

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Compensation After Whiplash

Whiplash sits at the other end of the spectrum, both in terms of severity and the likely payout for a compensation claim. Most settlements in this case will be under $10,000, while many veer closer to $6,000.

Bear in mind that there are different grades given to injury types, as well as different levels of trauma assigned even within these categories. All of these factors will be discussed with you by your lawyer, which is why it is sensible to get a good attorney on-side who knows local legislation inside out.

Getting To Grips With Liability

When we discussed the huge settlement that a person who suffered a brain injury in a car accident received, it wasn’t just the severity of the physical harm that was at play here. The other key element was that they were not at fault, because they were rear-ended, as mentioned.

Liability is a lynchpin element of dictating the size of a compensation payout, as well as in determining whether you’re eligible for any kind of settlement whatsoever.

If you are deemed to have been responsible for the crash, then you may be liable for covering costs and compensation. If, on the other hand, a third party is to blame, then your compensation will be approved more often than not.

Exploring The Issue Of Insurers

More often than not the compensation payment will be made by an insurer, and it is of course in the interest of the organizations in this industry to keep the amount they give to people injured in auto accidents as low as possible.

There’s no point getting frustrated by this reality; instead you simply need to acknowledge it and take steps to get a settlement that you deserve.

Once again, lawyers are your best bet here. Navigating the process of making a claim, and fighting your corner if the offered amount is unacceptable, is what legal pros do day in, day out.

So don’t settle for less, but be confident that with the right representation, your car accident compensation will come through.

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