What to Do After Your Car Has Been Vandalized

Cars can be damaged in many different ways. Car accidents are the most common cause, of course, but there are many other ways in which your car can be damaged. One of these is vandalism.

Vandalism occurs when someone damages your car on purpose. It can be anything from keying your car to shattering your windshield. Whether your vehicle is vandalized by someone who feels you wronged them, or just by some stranger who felt like doing something bad, this can seriously inconvenience you. Here is a step by step process for how to handle things after your car has been vandalized.

  1. Take Photos of the Damage 

If you see that your car has been vandalized, you will need to take photos of the damage right away. These are for your records, but also are necessary to provide to your insurance company if you wish to file a claim. Be sure to take multiple photos from all angles to make sure you are fully documenting the extent of the damage.

  1. File a Police Report

If someone intentionally damages your car, you will certainly want to get the police involved as well. It is crucial to properly document something as serious as this. If the police are able to apprehend the vandal, you can go after them for the cost of the damages. In any case, it is good to have a file of the incident on record in case it happens again.

  1. Call Your Insurance Agent

If your vehicle is insured, that insurance is likely to come in handy in situations like these. Filing an insurance claim can be a lengthy and arduous process, but it’s a necessary one.

Unfortunately, in many cases, vandalism claims are falsely filed. For this reason, insurance adjusters are going to be very detail-oriented. You will have to answer many questions regarding the incident, so before you call, make sure you know the answers to questions like:

  • When did the incident take place?
  • Where did you park your car?
  • Where is the damage on your vehicle?
  • Where are you getting your car repaired?
  • Do you know who vandalized your car?
  • What is the number on the police report?

These are just a few examples of questions you might be asked, but not necessarily all of them. Regardless of which questions you are asked by your insurance adjuster, it is always wise to go into the process knowing everything you possibly could about the incident in question. It will save you a lot of grief and trouble if you are prepared to answer anything that is asked of you.

  1. Get Your Vehicle Repaired

Once everything has been sorted out with your insurance company, you will need to move forward with getting your car fixed. Repairing your car can be a hassle whether it is vandalism or even a routine repair, so you need to consider a few things before

First of all, what kind of damage do you need to get repaired? Vandalism comes in many forms—slashed tires, broken windshields, key scrapes. Not everything needs to be taken to a mechanic. A broken or damaged windshield can be fixed at an auto glass shop, and if you know how to change tires, those can be replaced yourself to save money on repair costs.

If you do end up going to a mechanic, make sure it is one you trust. If you are not careful, you may be charged extra for repairs that are not even necessary. Talk with your insurance agent to see what your options are as far as paying your deductible and what they will cover.

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