What To Do If The Car Battery Is Empty?

You need a jump lead and a second car. The battery voltage of the two vehicles must be identical. A car with a 12-volt battery must not be bridged with a truck battery with 24 volts. If you don’t have another vehicle, you can buy some of the best Jump starters that suit your vehicle.

Turn off the engine on both vehicles, take out the gear and pull the handbrake. Check whether all the electrical consumers of your car (e.g., lights or rear window heating) have been switched off. Switch on the hazard lights on the assistant’s car! In darkness and when the road is blocked, other vehicles users are signaled that a repair is in progress.

The red cable belongs to the positive pole of both batteries. Clamp one end of the red jump leads to the positive pole of the empty battery and connects the other end to the positive pole of the donor battery.

The black cable procedure is different: it belongs to the negative pole of the battery that supplies the current. Connect the other side to an unpainted metal part on the engine block of the breakdown vehicle, not to the empty battery’s negative pole. In this process, oxyhydrogen gases could ignite!

If all cables are correctly attached, you can start the helper car.

Now start the car with the empty battery. An attempt should not take longer than 15 seconds. If the start is successful, let both engines run for about 3 minutes. As soon as the engine is on, switch on a function with high power consumption in the breakdown vehicle (e.g., rear window heater or blower). In this way, dangerous voltage peaks are avoided.

Then disconnect the cables in reverse order: first, the black negative cable and the positive red cable. Now the additional electrical consumers put into operation can be exhibited. The previous breakdown car remains on.

The car battery does not have to be bridged the next morning, a longer journey is advisable afterward, preferably on the highway. So the memory can recharge.

The Most Common Questions About Jump-Starting A Car:

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

On average, car batteries are used for about 5 to 7 years with regular operation. Higher quality pays off here. Expensive models can last over ten years, while cheaper models can give up after only two years.

2017 Kia Optima PHEV York Trip 3

Do I Need A Start Cable With A Protective Circuit?

An additional integrated device in this cable prevents expensive damage caused by voltage peaks. But if you follow the instructions conscientiously, regular starter cables are also ideal.

Can I Bypass My Car Battery In The Rain?

Yes, but make sure that the points to be connected by cable are dry. And don’t let the cable ends fall on the wet floor!

Can A Motorcycle Be Bridged Using A Car Battery And Vice Versa?

Basically, it is possible. It is always crucial that the batteries have the same voltage. This is usually 12 volts, but sometimes only 6 volts for motorcycles. In this case, the weaker motorcycle battery can be overcharged and acid leak.

What Are The Risks Of Bridging The Car Battery?

As you can see, it is very easy to bridge an empty car battery. However, extreme care and caution are required when coupling two power systems. Even small failures can cause severe damage to the car battery and the electrical system. Trying is never about studying here.

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