What to do if you have lost your car keys

Have you just discovered you’ve lost your car keys? It’s a nightmare situation that we’ve nearly all found ourselves in at some point in our lives, with varying outcomes. It’s easy to fly into a panic if you’ve lost your keys, but the trick is to keep calm and work through the necessary steps rationally.

The first thing to do is to check that you have most definitely lost your car keys. Retrace your steps if you need to, and try to recall when you last had them on your possession. Ironically enough, missing car keys can often be located inside your car. You might have also dropped them when taking something out of your handbag or pocket, which is why retracing your steps may be a valuable part of the process.

If you think your car keys might have been stolen, it’s important that you ring the police with any information you may have about the theft. You should also take measures to secure your car if you believe someone may use your keys to break into it.

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The following steps will depend upon whether you have a spare car key or not. If…

          You have a spare key – you are not in such a difficult situation, although it may be mildly inconvenient if you don’t have your spare key on you. You need to arrange for somebody to bring your key to you, or, if that’s not possible, make your own way to your spare key on alternative transport.

 Once you have it in your possession, you can go back to your car and bring it home. You should still get a replacement key for the one you’ve lost, though, as the importance of having multiple keys to hand has already been proved to you.

          You don’t have a spare key – you should act quickly to get the situation resolved as soon as possible. Being locked out of your own vehicle is frustrating and highly inconvenient, but luckily, a good locksmith should be able to help you in no time at all. Locksmiths can use key machines to cut new keys for your car, providing you can offer the necessary vehicle information for them to do their job.

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If you are requiring a new key to be cut, it’s worth getting in touch with your car insurance provider before you make an agreement with your locksmith. In some cases, your insurer might ask for new locks to be fashioned altogether, especially if there is a chance your keys have been stolen, which may be more costly for you. Your insurance might also cover the cost of replacement keys, so do check with your provider to be certain of your deal.

No matter what the situation, you are guaranteed to learn a valuable lesson from losing your keys. Although it’s never nice at the time, the experience will teach you to keep your keys closer to hand in the future, and, more importantly, have a spare key stashed away in case of a future emergency. 

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