What To Do When Overspray Happen

When we purchase a vehicle, it’s like having a brand new toy to play with. We love our vehicle and want to take care of it. We want to make sure our cars are in pristine condition, externally, internally and engine-wise. As with any car, maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity of our vehicles.


Oil changes, tire rotations, and general cleaning of our cars are normally what comes to mind when we think about car maintenance. Like a doctor’s appointment, we meticulously schedule for a tune-up and an oil change when it is due for our cars. After service, we head over to the car wash to start the cleaning. We gently brush, soap, then vacuum our cars. When we leave the car wash, our vehicles look and feel as if it just left the maker’s showroom floor.


Overspray occurs when excess paint or some type of liquid blows onto an unintended location. For example, we park our cars near a construction site where they are using paint sprayers to paint the building structure. We think nothing of it because our cars are parked a good distance away. We leave and come back to only find that paint particulates have reached our cars. Peppered all along our hood and bumper, the color so distinct that it can be seen miles away, we are left angry and in panic.

We rush over to a nearby car wash to see if we can remove the paint off our car. In horror, we find that attempting to clean the paint off ourselves just made it worst. We go home and go into our garage to see if there are any cleaning agents that may help. We grab a towel and pour a cleaning solution on it. We rub it unto a small section on our cars. We find that it did not remove the overspray and see that it made a streak of it instead. We put the towel down and grab our phone. We call our auto insurance company to see if there are any benefits for overspray claims. We hang up the phone and think to ourselves, “maybe a professional company can get rid of this!”

The situation mentioned above is only one of many examples of overspray. Overspray can also occur when pest services spray pesticides, and it can also occur when the city repairs its roads. Regardless of its origin, hiring a professional detailer for our vehicles can be beneficial in restoring our cars to its former beauty. Today, there are many do-it-yourself remedies for overspray situations. You can find them using a quick search online and you can even watch them on Youtube. “I don’t want to risk making another mistake like I did last time,” you say.

Hiring professionals who are experienced in removing overspray is the better option. With their knowledge and experience, you can guarantee that they know what they are doing and use products and techniques that will not harm the vehicle’s original paint job. A quick call to a professional company will give an estimate on the cost and what the process involves. You think to yourself, “I should have gone to a professional first.” Hours have passed and our vehicle is returned back to us. We take a look in amazement to see that the overspray is completely gone. Our car is now shiny and clean again.


Although overspray can happen anywhere and at any time, in most cases it is unintentional. One way to help prevent being a victim of overspray is by covering our cars. There are many car covers that are affordable that can be used as an added layer of protection from overspray and the elements. Another way to help prevent overspray is to park in garages, if available. Parking in a well-lit garage can help shield and protect your car from overspray and perhaps even debris.

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Our love for our vehicles ensures our vehicle’s longevity by maintaining it properly. When overspray occurs, it can be frustrating and stressful. Using cleaning solutions that may be harmful to our vehicle’s appearance should be avoided. When do-it-yourself remedies fail, seek out a professional and experienced detailing company to the job correctly. Also, proactively find ways to prevent your vehicle from being damaged.

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