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What To Do When Your Car Is No Longer New

Buying a new car is always the best option if you can afford it, and even if you can’t outright pay for the car there are plenty of finance options out there to help you. A new car is always going to be fully equipped with the latest technology and machinery so you know your car will be top quality when it comes to performance, it will also be a lot safer and, hopefully, a lot more energy efficient than its predecessors. A new car should also be a nice, stress free investment; unlike older cars you don’t have to worry about it’s history or about having to replace any parts any time soon. It’s incredibly likely that the first thing you can be about your car will be the tires, either after a year of wear and tear or due to the season change.

However, a new car doesn’t stay new for long. In fact, after about a year there will be a new and improved model out there. Your car will go from new to fairly new to not new within around four years. But that’s expected when it comes to technology nowadays. Your not new anymore car will still have some great advantages due to its age and depending on whether or not you have been looking after it properly. But it will be at a point where you will need to start considering what to do with your car.

New car

The obvious options are whether or not to get a new car now that you’re is a few years old. When it comes to having a car on finance, your contract will likely be coming to an end, meaning that you either need to pay the chunk payment for your car, or you use it as a deposit on another vehicle. Unless you have fallen in love with the car, it’s the smart choice to get the new car and simply refresh all those great benefits.

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If you’re not on finance, then look into the resale value of your car. For big brands like BMW or Audi, you will still fetch a good price on resale, but it won’t be what you initially paid for it. You should also think about part exchange deals where you buy a new car while trading in your old one and the value of the old car is discounted from the final price.if you decide to hang onto your old car, and it’s a great option depending on the treatment you have given it so car, then you need to make sure that you are caring for it. Get it regularly serviced, use the right oil and change things preemptively rather than after they break. But all of that will be detailed in this post.


It’s likely that any warranty you had with your new car will expire by the fourth year of your ownership, meaning that if anything breaks it’s all on you. However there is a way in which you can extend your car’s warranty- like you would with a phone or a console. Look into the cost benefit analysis of a Audi extended warranty, for example, your Audi would then be covered by the extended warranty for the amount of time specified. The newer your car and the better you treat it will keep the price lower than if you were having accidents every other week in a 2002 ford fiesta. Your extended warranty can cover the entire car or you can be more specific by just covering the engine, the gear box, or any other expensive part of your vehicle.


You might not have thought much about your car services in the past, but now that your car is getting on in years things are going to start to go wrong. And when things go wrong, they need replacing. Having regular services allows you, and your mechanic, to locate any possible and slight problems before they turn into massive breakages. If you leave a small problem to get bigger, the breakage could affect the whole car, so make sure that you act before it gets to that point.

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Treat it right

No matter what you need to treat your car right and that starts from the moment you are handed over your keys. There are cars out there that are decades old and still running smoothly purely because they have been well maintained all of those years. Looking after your car is pretty straightforward; make sure that you are checking and changing the oil regularly, that you wash your car to avoid build up of dust and dirt in your undercarriage, and that you keep an eye on water levels and your tire pressure and tread. It’s all checks that take ten minutes out of your week, and ten minutes through a car wash. You can take if further and invest in things like waterproof coating for your undercarriage – just to treat your car to something extra.

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Where you store your car is just as important as when it was brand new. That new car feel where you want to keep it safe and tucked away in a garage at night – that shouldn’t fade with time. As your car ages a little your insurance should get a bit cheaper, but it will get more expensive if you’re leaving your car out in a vulnerable place overnight. A locked garage it the ideal location, with a driveway second, private parking third, and on the street last. There is also a safety factor when it comes to where you park your car – at the very least you need to be able to see it from your house so that if ever your alarm is activated you can see it straight away.

Enjoy it

It doesn’t matter if your car is straight off the line, four years old or forty – it’s a machine meant for travel, for exploring, so make sure you enjoy it. A car isn’t just a way of getting from A to B, take roads that aren’t the motorway and you’ll easily see that there is so much more to it that that.

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