Where Are Subarus Made

Where Are Subarus Made & Who Really Makes Subaru Cars?

Subaru is one of the world’s largest and well-known carmakers, which has since grown in popularity. They’re well-regarded for super-fast rally cars, dependable and tough off-roaders, as well as practical, easygoing daily drivers. It’s truly a brand that makes great cars for everyone, be it car enthusiasts, motorsport fans, or the casual consumer. But, where are Subarus made?

Of course, if you’re in the know or if you’re a gearhead, you (think) you know the answer already – Japan. They’re a Japanese car brand, and a true icon of JDM car culture. However, one thing some folks might not know is that Subaru doesn’t just manufacture their cars solely in Japan. In fact, they actually have a huge production line here in the good ol’ US-of-A.

If you’re wondering about where are Subarus made; the answer is in one of five locations. These five manufacturing facilities, four of which are located in its home country of Japan, while the other is in the US. Specifically, the latter is located in Lafayette, Indiana. If you’ve bought, owned, or looked at any Subaru sold in the US, that Subaru might’ve been made there.

Where Are Subaru Cars Made?

This is due to the high demand for Subarus here in the United States (and North America, in general). This was initially a joint venture with Isuzu. Speaking more about Subaru’s Indiana plant, they officially started back in the late-80s. The first car made there is the Subaru Legacy, with production starting on September 11, 1989. Now, it’s got over 6,000 employees.

Fun fact; as of 2023, Subaru’s Indiana plant celebrated the 7-millionth vehicle that rolled off their factory floors. That’s a huge achievement on its own, even more so compared to the production capacity and volume at Subaru’s other four plants in Japan. Currently, most Subaru models sold in the North American market is made at their Indiana plant.

These include the highly popular Impreza, Legacy, Outback, and Ascent models. Then, there’s Subaru’s four other manufacturing plants, all of them located in Japan. All four of which are located in Ōta, Gunma Prefecture, which is then split into four distinct locations. The brand’s Subaru-chō factory is where they build the highly popular Subaru BRZ sports car.

Meanwhile, Subaru’s Yajima plant is where all other Subaru cars, including those sold for overseas markets, are built. Additionally, there’s Subaru’s Otakita plant, which manufactures the brand’s Kei trucks (small commercial pickup trucks, made for Japan). Finally, Subaru’s Oizumi plant manufactures engines and transmissions that are shipped elsewhere, to other locations.

Subaru Manufacturing Plant Locations

Where Are Subarus Made

If you buy a Subaru either in Japan or the US, therefore, the chances that you’re driving a locally-produced Subaru are quite high. With that in mind, to get a bit more insight into what each of these five factories do and the role they play in where are Subarus made, here’s a closer look at each one:

Subaru-chō Plant

Just a short drive north of Tokyo, the Gunma Prefecture hosts Subaru’s core production facilities. The Subaru-chō location dominates the entire landscape with an impressive 82-acre floor space. Here, enthusiasts will find the birthplace of the Impreza, WRX, XV (known as Crosstrek in the US), Levorg wagon, and even the collaborative models, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86.

Subaru Yajima Plant

Moving a tad south from Subaru-chō, the Yajima Plant emerges as the production hub for the larger Subaru vehicles. Legacy, Forester, Outback, and even more Imprezas and XVs roll out from this factory. Boasting a workforce of over 3,000 dedicated individuals, it’s no surprise that the plant stands as the heartbeat for Subaru’s mainstream models.

Subaru Otakita Plant

Subaru’s roots trace back to Nakajima, an aircraft manufacturer during World War II. The Otakita plant stands as a testament to this history. Though it once churned out Subaru Sambar Kei trucks, it no longer supports vehicle production. Back in the old days, Subaru was incorporated as Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI); a merger of five Japanese industrial giants.

Nowadays, Subaru’s Otakita plant is a major part of Subaru’s supply chain. For example, while Subaru’s Indiana plant assembles Subaru cars for the US and North American markets, the parts to make those cars mostly come from the Otakita plant in Japan. This factory is also known for its large foreign labor force, accounting for more than 30% of employees there.

Subaru Oizumi Plant

While smaller in stature than its siblings in Gunma, the Oizumi Plant holds its own with a distinct role, and it plays a crucial role for Subaru. It doesn’t produce vehicles. Rather, it is the heart of Subaru’s power, building engines and transmissions. By centralizing this process, Subaru streamlines its manufacturing, ensuring efficient integration at other plants.

Subaru Indiana Plant

Located in Lafayette, Indiana, Subaru of Indiana Automotive is the brand’s primary presence in the U.S. With the capacity to produce over 390,000 vehicles annually (though, this threshold is increasing due to high demand), models like the Ascent, Outback, Legacy, and Impreza find their origin here. Spanning 820 acres, this plant also stands out for its eco-friendly initiatives.

Otherwise, Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) is the brand’s only manufacturing plant outside of Asia. Moreover, half of all Subarus sold in North America are made here. While the growing popularity of Subaru cars has forced them to take over the entire factory, in the past, this plant joint-manufactured cars for Isuzu and Toyota. Now, only Subaru vehicles are made there.

Other Global Plants And Supply Chain Partners

Where Are Subarus Made

As far as where are Subarus made, the five aforementioned plants and factories are where Subaru vehicles that we all know and love today are made. However, that’s not to say that 100% of Subaru’s manufacturing capabilities are focused here solely. Subaru actually has a huge footprint elsewhere in the world with manufacturing their cars, past and present.

For example, one of Subaru’s supply chain partners, Tan Chong Motor, a Malaysian-based group, supplies parts for Subaru cars from all across Southeast Asia. In particular, most of this is focused in and around Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. In 2019, Subaru even opened their brand-new production plant in Lat Krabang, Bangkok, Thailand.

This new plant is a joint venture between Subaru and a Hong Kong-based company. Formerly a Mitsubishi-Fuso factory, Subaru’s new Thailand plant will manufacture and supply cars for its markets throughout the rest of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Up to four different models could be built at a time, with a current maximum capacity to build up to 100,000 cars.

And then, how can we forget Subaru Tecnica International (STI), the brand’s performance and motorsports division? Back in its heyday, STI partnered with Prodrive, a UK-based company specializing in motorsports, and in particular, rallying. This was where Subaru’s legendary Legacy and Impreza were built and prepped for the World Rally Championship.


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