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Where do Cars go to Die and Why is That a Good Thing?

Everyone has to face it sooner or later: their car is going to die. For car aficionados that might mean a funeral service and a time of mourning, but for the rest of the population, it usually means a time of excitement. That’s because those people get to shop for a new car with that new car smell or get a good deal on a used one.

But, what becomes of their old car? There are many cars that go back on the market, and usually should if they haven’t gone through a complete lifetime of use. It is an eventuality, though that at some point, that car is going to be eight or nine years old and will start getting called a “beater car”.

The thing is that, even if one person owned it for more than a decade, there’s a point where the car’s done and it’s time to move on. At that point, what happens to a car that’s no longer considered driveable? It goes where car’s that have been totaled in accidents also go: the junkyard.

This is the final destination of many cars and in the USA more than ten million cars are recycled every year. So, what happens when a person hires a scrap car removal company to take away their old vehicle?

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It’s usually towed to a junk or scrap yard. Some of these places are also called auto recycling centers. Not every car is scrapped or crushed right away. There are many junkyards where cars are left for indeterminate periods because of just how much of it can be used for other cars that are still on the road. That’s right, auto shops call junkyards all the time to get discount prices for parts from popular models, making it cheaper to fix for the customer.

For the ones that do find themselves in a crusher, cars are heavily recycled, with about eighty percentof the car finding its way into other carstotaling over twenty-five million tons of material recycled every year. Many people also forget about the gas still sitting in those cars after they’ve been turned off for the last time. The automotive recycling industry siphons off those gas tanks to the tune of eighty-five million barrels of gas a year!

There’s also something else that they do: auto recyclers make sure that nothing from those old cars seeps into the ground. People see cars on blocks and in someone’s backyard quite often in various cities, towns, and villages, but no one thinks about what it means to have it there. If someone is keeping a car because they honestly intend to have it fixed, that’s one thing, but there are many who don’t want to bother having in hauled away. 

Leaving a car to rot in a field or a backyard is an unwise approach on so many levels. Scrap Car Removal services do cost money, that’s true, but to keep a car on one’s property just because of that only saves a couple of bucks in the face of the problems that will mount if they don’t have it removed.

First, it’s an eyesore. Anyone who has ever driven past a lot with an old, rusting car on it knows that it’s never a beautiful thing to see. Many municipalities feel this way to a point of not permitting old vehicles to be kept on one’s property. Even if a person doesn’t have to worry about this, trying to sell a home with a junk car on it is a hard sell and reduces the value of the property.

Second, unused vehicles get more difficult to remove as time goes on. Delaying the removal of an old car becomes something that one starts to put off until it might be a year or two later. During that time, that old car is exposed to the elements and starts to degrade. The longer a vehicle is left out to rust, the weaker the metals in it get to the point that it could very well end up having to be removed in pieces if left too long!

Also, one needs to consider their immediate environment. Those old cars still have oil, gas, and chemicals in it. As time goes on, tanks and lines fail. Once they do, those toxic chemicals begin to seep into the ground. That means contaminated soil on one’s property, which is never a good thing.

So, where do cars go at the end of their operation lifetime? They go to a place where they’re used to make new cars and many of their parts are used to repair other cars, as well. That’s why it’s always best to have your car removed by a scrap car removal service to ensure that vehicle still has use.

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